Safe Keeping

October 10th, 2006

Chinese Orphanage

We have finished our initial application to be adoptive parents. There are so many things that I have not ever really thought about. Over our long wait I will share them as I can.

This picture starts to get at one thing that I have been forced to think of as I have prayed for the little girl that may have just recently been born or will be soon. In the Chinese process (normally, which of course things right now are not normal) the time from beginning of the process to when you go to China to officially adopt is about a year. The wait right now has been being a bit longer. The children are normally 9 to 12 months old. All that to say, about the time you start the process is near the birth of the child.

As I have prayed and realized that “our” daughter is being born and abandoned left to be cared for in a orphanage or at best in foster care. I have had to pray and ask for God to care for her, to keep her safe, to protect her health, to protect her spirit. I tell you that knowing there are those like her is a sad thing, something you hate is happening but not normally something that breaks our hearts. But when its a little girl that will/is your daughter. Destined to (If God allows)be a part of your family… knowing that she is beyond your care, that you can’t comfort her when she cries, that she along with all the other babies is alone… to think that I can’t rescue her while she waits for help is hard to even pray about.

God must look at his children who he knows will become a part of his family and be in anguish while they live out life prior to their being found by Jesus.


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