Home study

A quick prayer request today as the social worker who is doing our home study is coming for a home visit this afternoon at 1pm. I have let go a lot of my perfectionistic tendencies regarding my house over the years. Most days I tell myself, “Three boys and I are home pretty much all day everyday–this is just the way my house is going to look for now.” And I’m okay with that–most days. But when someone’s coming for the purpose of seeing my house–this stresses me out. So please pray that God will relieve my anxiety about this.

We met our social worker for the first time Monday, and she’s great! There’s really no reason for me to be stressed.

We’ve gotten a whole lot done this week as far as paper work goes. Most importantly we sent our application to U.S. Immigration requesting permission to bring an immigrant orphan into the country. I’m tempted to ask for prayers that God would speed things along. (Government agencies can be so slow!) But instead I’ll ask for prayers that everything regarding our adoption will be in God’s timing. God already knows who are daughter is, and she may not even be born yet.

I plan to write more soon about how we came to the decision to adopt.

Thanks so much for the prayers!


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