Biometric Fingerprinting

I wrote this on Wednesday, Nov. 15th, but I forgot to post it. So here it is.

Today we went to Jackson for to have our biometric fingerprinting done. We had to go to the Department of Homeland Security office in Jackson, MS. Even though it sounds complicated, it is simply computer fingerprinting. We placed our fingers on a small glass block connected to a computer, and our fingerprints appeared on the screen. It took all of fifteen minutes for us to each fill out paperwork and have our fingerprints taken. A two hour drive for that. Tommy’s extremely busy at work and needed to get back to town and try to get some work done. So other than fingerprinting we had lunch, and I ran into ToysRUs for about 5 minutes to grab a Christmas gift.

The kids did pretty well considering that we did not get to go to the zoo or anything fun like they had hoped we would. Our mini-van came with a DVD player–something I said at one time that I would never have in a car. We only let the kids use it on long trips. I have to admit it is extremely nice to have a conversation with my husband without whining and complaining in the background.

Since we’ve been doing Christmas shopping, Tommy and I have been bemoaning the fact that our children are so extremely spoiled. We are really having a hard time deciding what to give them because they have already had every toy there is (or some version of it) at least once.

Well, today Caleb was wishing that our car had two tv screens for whenever one of them wanted to watch something different. Being the wonderful mother that I am, I suggested, “How about NO tv screens like your dad and I grew up with.”

In spite of how very spoiled they are (and we are) for that matter, we are trying to teach them compassion for others in need. So at my suggestion they are asking for less for Christmas, and we are using the extra money to help someone in need. They get to choose what we do. World Vision and Samaritan’s Purse both have great gift catalogs where you can purchase gifts (like a goat or baby chicks among other things) to help a family in need.

Adoption update: We are very close to finishing our end of the paperwork. Hopefully, by early next week I can send our social worker all of our stuff. She will then have to have various documents verified for authenticity at the state and then the national level.

We are waiting on our home study to be completed which will hopefully be early next week. The social worker doing our home study is waiting on our physical exam paperwork which we will have by the end of the week. Our home study will go to Citizenship and Immigration Services along with our fingerprints once they are approved by the FBI, then hopefully soon we will receive our permission form to bring an orphan immigrant in to the country.

I am hoping that all of this will be completed and ready to go to China by the end of December.

Please continue to pray for us and this process. But most of all please continue to pray for Rachel wherever she is.


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  1. My two youngest grand daughters, who are adopted, have a new puppy. You can see them and the pup at

    A dear friend in our church just returned from China with a new baby girl.

    We love adoption and are somewhat fond of puppies, especially if they are at someone elses house!

    Grace and Peace,
    Royce Ogle

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