Adoption Update and Puppies

We have finished all of the paperwork that we can right now. Our Mississippi social worker is supposed to call us when she finishes writing our home study so that we can review it. Then she will send it to some place in Jackson to be approved by the state, and they will forward it on to immigration services. So then we will just be awaiting approval from them.

We had some confusion with our social worker at Lifeline, so we will be doing the process of authenticating all of our documents ourself which is kind of intimidating. We have to send them to the Secretary of State’s office in the state where each document orignated so they can say that, “Yes, the notary who notarized the document is a notary in this state.” That should not be too hard since all of our documents except Tommy’s and my birth certificates will be sent to the Sec. of State of Mississippi. Then we have to have everything hand delivered to the Chinese consulate office in Houston, TX to be approved. Then everything will be ready to go to China!! Our Lifeline social worker has been wonderful and assures us that it’s not that hard and that she will walk us through everything.

Meanwhile, I have received an early Christmas present from Tommy. Friday before last Tommy bought me two bassett hound puppies! We are letting Caleb sort of have the boy for his dog because he has been begging for a dog for months and months. They are adorable and are so laid back even for puppies. That’s one of the reasons that I wanted bassett hounds–because everything I read talked about how mild and relaxed they are. One website said that if you are used to the activity level of a normal dog you need to make sure that you will be okay with this breed. When I read that, I knew that this is the dog for us. Then we went to look at the puppies and in a moment of temporary insanity Tommy asked, “Do you think we should get one or two?” So now we have two puppies. They are 3 months old. We finally decided on names this morning. Caleb named the boy Shadow. And Eli and I named the girl Phoebe. I figure that it’s perfect timing because they will be a year old by the time we go to get Rachel. So they will hopefully be well-trained by then.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! On Thanksgiving day I couldn’t help thinking about how thankful I am to have a daughter on the way and about the many Thanksgivings that we will get to spend with her!






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3 responses to “Adoption Update and Puppies

  1. I had a Bassett Hound, Roscoe. He won the longest ears contest at a dog show at a park in town. His picture was in the paper and he was stolen the next week… People love those “basket” hounds so take care of Shadow and Phoebe!

  2. I think you probably should get one more….Rachel will want her own dog too!!

  3. The Basset Hounds will be a hand full but just have patience teaching them. You will enjoy, I’m sure…

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