enewscourier, Athens, AL – A miracle from China

enewscourier, Athens, AL – A miracle from China

The above link is a news story about a family in Alabama who adopted using our adoption agency, Lifeline. It’s a sweet story.

Last Tuesday we met with our new social worker, Lori,  at New Beginnings to review our home study and make any corrections. Our old social worker, Robbie, is expecting and has quit to stay home.  We really enjoyed our visit with Lori. She has a 2-year-old boy she adopted from Nepal and is now in the process of adopting a child from Guatamala. She gave us lots of good info.–for any of you adopting families, you can get a 40-60% adoption discount on airfare–that’s very good news! Also, Lori has a BEAUTIFUL Guatamalan baby doll in her office. She gave me the card of the lady who makes them–she makes them in many nationalities. I’m putting the Chinese baby doll on my wishlist! This lady who makes the dolls was a birth mother when she was young who gave up her child for adoption. Later, she found out that she could no longer have children, so she became an adoptive mother. What a neat story! Here’s her website for any of you adoptive parents who are interested:


Well, now we’re waiting…After our corrected homestudy is edited, it will be sent to the State of Mississippi to be approved, and they will send it to CIS(Immigration Services). We are lucky that we get to use the CIS office in Metarie, LA because of our location. They are known to be speedy–giving approval within a couple of weeks of receiving the homestudy. So still hoping to send our dossier to China by the end of Dec. or more likely early January.

Keep praying for Rachel!


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