Homestudy Completed!

Friday while I was on my way to Tupelo for a doctor’s appointment, our New Beginnings social worker, Lauri, called and said that our home study was completed. She Fed-Exed it to whatever state office that it has to go to. And I picked up our copies. So, hopefully, it will be on its way to CIS(immigration) sometime this week!

We’re lucky that we get to use the CIS office in Metairie, LA. Some offices have up to 90 day waits to receive approval. We’ve been told the Metairie office is 2-3 weeks. Pray, pray, pray that it will be soon.

I received a call from Karla, our Lifeline social worker, this past week. She said, “I have what is going to sound like bad news. But it is going to end up being good.” She told me that they just received word that China is changing their adoption requirements. These new requirements will not allow anyone treated for depression within the past two years to adopt. I’ve been treated for depression for 6 years now. Good news is that this will not take effect until May 2007. IF we get our dossier logged-in before May, we should be accepted under the old requirements. Karla is confident that we will be logged-in in plenty of time.  But this just makes me a little nervous that things will not work out. On the other hand, maybe God pushed us to start this process just in time.


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