Interesting Read

The following is an interesting read if you would like to know more about Chinese birth mothers and why/how so many girls are abandoned in China:

I have been reading Wanting a Daughter, Needing a Son in an effort to try to understand how a mother could abandon a child. It’s hard reading to me though–too much like a bunch of research papers.

I don’t know if I agree with everything the author of the above link says about what we should tell our adopted children, but it is eye-opening for me in some ways.

Still praying for Rachel and her birth mother,




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2 responses to “Interesting Read

  1. Kim Pintaro

    Great Blog! I am going to bookmark you & follow your journey! Hope things go quickly for you.

    God Bless
    Kim Pintaro

  2. I have finished Rachel’s afghan. I’ll bring it the next time I see you.

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