Some Hopeful News!

We talked with our social worker this week. She was very hopeful that we will still be able to make the May 1st date. She told us that we do not have to be logged-in by May 1st, but that our dossier just has to be in China by May 1st. Tommy asked her about contacting our state senators to help, and she said that they have done that in AL to hurry things along before. One of our senators, Thad Cochran, is on a committee for Homeland Security which immigration services is under. His office is already beginning to work on hurrying our application through CIS! Yea!!!!

Also, more good news from Karla, our social worker: She believes that the new regulations starting in May will not keep us from adopting from China! She said that she believes that we will still be able to adopt even if we don’t meet the May 1st date. We will just have to send a letter from my doctor saying that I do not have signs of severe depression.

We are very encouraged by all of this good news! Thank you so much for your prayers! Please continue to pray for Rachel.

We have not been able to celebrate Chinese New Year this week because I am on day 3 of a BAD stomach virus. It’s been a miserable few days. Maybe we’ll celebrate next week just for fun.


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