Angela Ann

To anyone who happens to be reading this morning, please pray for my dear friend, Angie. God has called her to minister to homosexuals and people struggling with same-sex attraction. She has a passionate heart for this ministry and will be speaking at a Christian workshop in Tulsa this morning.

O Most High God, please be with Angie this morning. Prepare her heart to be used by you. Let her words be your words. May her words speak what’s in your heart, O God. Send your angels to fight for her to remove any obstacles that may  come her way. Protect her from any attacks from the enemy. Prepare the hearts of the people who will be listening to her. May they listen with their hearts and hear you speaking to them. God, I pray they we all may learn to see each person as you see them and may we be Christ to them.

For anyone interested Angie’s blog is:



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2 responses to “Angela Ann

  1. I’ve been thinking about her, too.

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you Kim… I can’t tell you how meaningful your prayers have been to me! I love you!

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