We are having a fantastic but very busy summer! The 24th of May the boys and I went to Nashville, TN for the birth of my sister’s third girl, Nora Blayre. We think it’s quite funny that she has three girls and I have three boys. Of course, my day will come for enjoying a little girl. The boys and I had a great time staying with big sisters, Mary Carsen and Eliza.

Nora Blayre


We left home the very end of May for a much-needed vacation. We began by spending 9 days in beautiful Rosemary Beach, FL. It was extremely relaxing–just what Mom needed. Since we were there for so long we did not feel rushed to try to fit everything in. Most mornings we lounged around reading and playing games with the boys til around 11am or 12. Then we’d decide whether to go to the beach or the pool for the afternoon. We spent the evenings eating good food and playing games. It was wonderful!

There was a fountain in front of our condo that the kids, especially Titus, loved playing in. Every evening at 9pm there was a light and music show where the fountains were synchronized to the music.

Here’s Titus enjoying the fountain!



Caleb jumping waves at the beach! He loves the ocean. He could easily become a beach bum.


While on our trip, we did get some discouraging news regarding our adoption. I received a weekly e-mail from our adoption agency in which they said that they expected the wait from LID to referral to go up to 24 months. It was a little upsetting to think about at first. But I’m just trying to trust that it’s all in God’s hands.

While at the beach I could not help but think about the first time we’ll get to take Rachel to the beach!

Family beach photo


After relaxing at the beach, we drove up to Atlanta and spent four days there. Saturday afternoon we went to the World of CocaCola. It was really neat especially getting to try soft drinks from different parts of the world.

Sunday morning we went to an amazing worship service at Northpoint Church. Sunday evening we went to Turner Field to watch the Braves play. It was so much fun and a really good game! After Sunday games at Turner Field, they let the kids run the bases. Caleb did this several years ago when we went. Even though the game was not over until about 11pm, all three of the boys wanted to run the bases. So we stayed for that. They each were given a certificate and a Braves t-shirt that says, “I ran the bases at Turner Field.”

Eli is in his element at Turner Field watching the Braves!


We spent the next few days going to the aquarium which is absolutely amazing; ZooAtlanta which we have a special place in our hearts for because of Willy B, the gorilla who lived there for years; Fernbank Natural History Museum; and the art museum.

The rest of the summer has been spent at VBS, having friends over, and swimming. But we are now trying to start focusing on school. We like to gradually work our way into the school year. We started a little school at the beginning of August, added a little more this week, and hope to be going full blast next week.


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  1. The wave picture almost made me get up and just pack and go to the beach. Sounds like a great family vacation.

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