God Is Watching Over You

Today was the day I have been dreading and I know my mom was dreading even more. Mom had her first 6-hour-long chemotherapy today. But we had so many people praying for us, and I truly felt it all day today. We had to arrive at 5:45 am at St. Dominic’s Hospital in Jackson, so we left home at 3:45am. So I just assumed tiredness would be an issue, but I am really not that tired. I believe God provided the energy to endure today (plus, He provided plenty of sources of caffeine!). Also, Tommy and I prayed last night for energy but also that I would get back in time for our small group Bible study tonight. I really want to be there because I very much feel the need for their support right now. And we got back in plenty of time.

God started this morning at the hospital with the most amazing blessing! She truly must be an angel in human form. Mom had to be admitted for the doc to surgically implant a port for her chemo treatment. Well, the nurses’ aid who took us to her room to prepare for surgery was one of the most precious people I have ever met. She shared my mom’s name, Mary. She started with, “Oh, Mary, Mary, Mary!  You and me–we was among the first people to see our good Lord rise from the dead.” She never stopped praising the  Lord from the moment we met her until the moment we parted. Mom commented on an angel pin she was wearing. Mary exclaimed, “That’s right! I’m your angel today!” Then Emmanuel entered to do an EKG on Mom and apparently continuing an ongoing conversation with Mary said, “Paul said, ‘I am not ashamed!” Mary said, “That’s right! I was just talking about that with Ms. Mary. Ms. Mary and her daughter thought they were coming to the hospital alone today. They didn’t know they was going to be here with family. We’re all family.”

While Mom was in surgery I left the door open to the room so I could listen to Mary bless people up and down the hall. Outside my door another woman shared with Mary about her son. Mary responded, “You sure are blessed! You have a lot to be thankful for!” As she walks down the hall, she prays loudly, “We thank you, Lord Jesus, for all that you do for us! It’s all about You, God. It’s not about us, it’s all about You!” Mary also shared with us how she got a wake up call from God about one of the doctors one night at 2 am. God wanted her to bless this doctor and shared some scripture with her so that Mary could make sure this doctor understood what her purpose is. I’m trying to picture this nurse’s aid telling a doctor what her purpose is in life. But I believe Mary could get away with it.

Mary wheeled Mom over to the wing where her doctor’s office was after surgery because she “wanted to finish her mission.” While I was signing Mom in, I overheard Mary just encouraging Mom. Mom was thanking Mary for her extreme kindness to us. Mary exclaimed, “Oh, it’s not me! I was MEANT to meet you today! I was MEANT to!” Then before she left, she took my hand and said just the words I was needing to hear, “You be strong! You stay in the word cause that’s where we get our strength. Stay in the word then you’ll be strong like me!” How did she know I was wishing that I could be more like her? Before she left us, she said, “Ms. Mary, don’t you think I’m gonna forget about you cause I’m not. I’m gonna be praying for you.”  I just spent a good bit of time praising God for sending Mary to us today.

Although Mom’s treatment was long, it went by quickly. Mom said that I could go out shopping or to eat if I wanted. It was tempting, especially since there was a Target nearby. But I resisted because I knew that I really just needed some time to sit in quiet and pray and rest in the Word for awhile, especially with all that’s been going on. My time was just what I needed. The waiting room was empty most of the time I was there. And I found an incredible book in the waiting room on Francis of Assisi! I read a good bit and used a lot of paper copying quotes. I was tempted to steal the waiting room copy, but I resisted. I’ve decided it’s a must-buy.

Mom’s surgery and treatment both went as well as could possibly be expected. She got to read and nap in a recliner in a room with huge windows and a great view. She felt fine, but the nurse said she probably wouldn’t feel bad until the second day after chemo. Mom and I had plenty of time for great conversations on the drive there and back. Such a blessing. Even though Mom lives near us, it seems we hardly have time to talk. She’ s usually picking up the boys to spend the night, and it’s hard to get a word in with them around. We usually have to schedule a night out just the two of us to catch up periodically.

So when I was trying to title this blog, the Phil Joel song “God Is Watching Over You” kept coming to mind. It’s a real energetic, feel-good song that has a special meaning to me. Here’s the lyrics:

He sees you down by the water line
Know what you’re thinking all the time
He sees the rising of the waves
When the tide starts rolling in
He lets you know it’s gonna be o.k.

He sees you dancing in the moonlight
His arms around you hold ya tight
And if those clouds should start to break
He’ll be standing out in the rain with you
And though it’s hard to believe
He believes in you

God is watching over you
As always
You are loved
Whatever you go through
He’s right beside you
God is watching over you
As always
And if you think He’ll ever leave you
You better think again

Painted in the sky a rainbow to remind you
Nothing that is broken
Cannot be made new
He knows when ya feel so far away
He’s gonna keep the night light on
He’s waiting there to receive you

You are loved
Wherever you go

Through fire, through wind and through rain
Yesterday, today and tomorrow the same
Nothing here can take this love
Nothing you could do will break this love
Climb a tree, gonna reach so high
Swing low sweet chariot
It’s time to fly
He sees you down by the water line

Thanks so much to everyone who has lifted Mom up in prayer!


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