Heinously Awesome!

The title’s a quote from a magnificent new friend I met at a Captivating Women’s Retreat high in the mountains in Colorado this past weekend. After Sally and I conquered “The Screamer”(which is very appropriately named) at Young Life’s Frontier Ranch, we were asked by onlookers, “How was it?” To which Sally responded, “It was heinously awesome!”


My friend, Amanda, and I had an incredible time in Colorado! This was my second Captivating retreat, and I definitely plan to go back. God works powerfully and performs amazing healing at these retreats. I highly recommend them, both Wild at Heart for the men (Tommy has been twice) and Captivating for the women. It is definitely worth the cost. Tommy says that you should sell your house if you have to in order to afford to go. That’s an extremely high recommendation coming from Tommy! These retreats have truly changed the way we live.

Ransomed Heart Ministries is doing a tremendous job at sharing the missed messages of the gospel. Tommy and I have read and/or listened to almost all of the resources available on their website and highly recommend them. The Hope of Prayer is completely changing the way I pray and is worth every penny. And their newest release The Utter Relief of Holiness I believe is the best message of all!

The magnificent beauty of the Colorado Rockies, the indescribable worship–hundreds of women passionately pouring out their hearts to our mighty Creator, the great joy of hearing my Lord speak words of love and healing over ME! I just cannot adequately describe what one of these retreats is like. It is like no other retreat or time of worship I’ve ever experienced!



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