World AIDS Day/Operation Christmas Child

World AIDS Day was yesterday. It is always on December 1st. It slipped up on me this year. But I am planning on watching the video clips at this site with my family and praying for the 40 million people in the world who have the HIV/AIDS virus today. I urge everyone who reads this to watch the clips. They are only 1-2 minute stories of 3 people with AIDS, one of which is an 11-year-old girl. It is one thing to hear “Forty million people have HIV/AIDS.” But it is completely different to listen to the story of a real, live person with AIDS.

At World Vision you can find out how to put together AIDS caregiver kits. They train people in the communities where they are working to be caregiver’s for people suffering from AIDS. The kits include things like disposable gloves, antibiotic ointment, washclothes, etc–basically things the caregivers can use to make the AIDS victims more comfortable. We collected boxes last year for World AIDS Day. You can donate money or send caregiver kits all year long. We’ve been so busy doing shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child and other Christmas-related giving that I had forgotten about World AIDS Day. So we are still going to try to put together caregiver kits AFTER Christmas.

Operation Christmas Child is another great thing to check out if you’ve never done it before. The kids and I look forward every year to packing shoe boxes full of small toys to send to children around the world who may not receive any gifts for Christmas. Last year and this year the boys and I volunteered at our local Operation Christmas Child collection center. I was so proud of Eli and Caleb for jumping in and working really hard. Titus even got into the spirit and “helped” some. Eli was excited about keeping up with how many boxes had come in. The 2 1/2 hours that the center was collecting on that day, we collected over 500 boxes. The day before about the same number had been collected, and there were still 5 more collection days to go. As we were leaving, Eli said, “Mom, we collected 500 boxes today, and they collected 500 boxes yesterday. That’s 1,000 boxes. Just think how many boxes they will have by next Monday! And that’s just from Starkville!” It was SO COOL to see him get excited about ministering to other people!!!

Back to World AIDS Day: This is something I am passionate about. Although it does not usually affect us directly, I believe that anyone who is a follower of Christ cannot ignore the AIDS epidemic that is going on in the world. I have heard this epidemic compared to the Holocaust. I believe that if Christ was on earth today he would spend much of his time ministering to those dying of AIDS. I myself may not be able to do that, but I can help those people who are acting as the hands and feet of Jesus to the victims of AIDS.


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  1. You are good people. Thanks for the reminder of the many ways to help.

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