Love Without Boundaries

We have had a wonderful holiday season and are still celebrating, but I just had to post when I found out about this contest. Love Without Boundaries is a group of volunteers who help orphaned children in China. One of the things they do is provide surgeries for orphaned children who need them. They are currently part of a contest at facebook. They have already won $1000. The charity with the most unique donors will receive $50,000 on Feb. 1st. The charity currently in the lead has “only” 267 donors. You can give as little as $10. I signed up for facebook just so that I can donate. Click on the following link and sign up for facebook if you aren’t already a member. Then you will receive a confirmation e-mail. It only takes a couple of minutes. Then you can go back to the Love Without Boundaries facebook page to donate.

Here’s a link to a Youtube video describing Love Without Boundaries work:

Here’s a link to the Love Without Boundaries blog. Some of the stories are heartbreaking.


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