Our two youngest have never seen more than a few flakes of snow. The last winter we had a snow big enough to play in I was pregnant with Caleb who’s almost eight. Every winter Caleb hopes and prays for snow. Every time it gets down to freezing temperatures he says hopefully, “Maybe it’ll snow!”

Last Wednesday night Tommy and I were laying in bed discussing our need to get away when he said, “Let’s get up tomorrow and just drive until we find snow….I’m serious.” So we did!

We drove to Chattanooga on Thursday and spent the night at the Chattanooga ChooChoo Holiday Inn. It’s a really cool place. The hotel lobby was formerly a train station. You can stay in rooms that are actual train cars. We went to the model train museum the next morning before we hit the road again. It was amazing!!

We stayed in a lovely cabin on the edge of Pigeon Forge. We relaxed, ate really good food, had family pool tournaments, ice skated, and PLAYED IN THE SNOW!

Here’s Caleb with a giant snow ball


There were these amazing places throughout the mountains I guess where there is a spring or some water source seeping out of the mountain. These giant icicles formed in these places. Here I am beside one of these amazing ice sculptures.


Backing up, we had a fantastic Christmas! We traveled to visit Tommy’s family in TN the weekend before Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas day at home with just our family and my mom. It was a very nice way to spend the day.

Here’s a photo of Titus on Christmas Eve
Here’s a rare brotherly hug on Christmas Day
Here’s blue Power Ranger lounging later in the day

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