Another $1000 for Love Without Boundaries–YEA!!!

Love Without Boundaries won Facebook’s award for the charity with the most donors today, so they will receive another $1000. They also have won $1000 for having the most donors on December 28, 29, 30, and 31 and January 2, 3, and 9! They are in the number one spot for the $50,000 prize given to the charity with the most donors by Feb. 1st. Thanks so much to everyone who has donated!

The following is from Love Without Boundaries blog for yesterday:

“The day our lives begin to end is the day we remain silent about things that matter.”–Martin Luther King,Jr.

It sure is easier to remain silent, isn’t it? It sure is easier to live in our comfortable homes and think that the most important issue of the day is where we want to go out to eat that night or whether we can get our kids to soccer practice on time. It sure is easy to not think outside our own little space. Does it matter that millions of children around the world live every single day without a mother or father to care for them? Does it matter that so many orphaned children with medical needs don’t have access to the healthcare that could improve their lives? Does it matter that many are unable to go to public school? Or that they go to bed each night feeling that their special need might define them for the rest of their lives? I think those who love children would say it matters greatly.


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