Doggie Update


That’s my baby girl! No we haven’t adopted yet. Last week someone commented on my post last year about my Christmas present–basset hound puppies, so I decided to give an update on my babies. Besides I need to post about something lighter today. That’s Phoebe on Christmas day. She’s my sweetheart. She’s much prettier than Shadow–that’s just not a very good photo of her.

It is so neat to have a girl and a boy. There is such a difference in their personalities. First of all, Shadow, the boy, is as dumb as a brick. Although he’s not very smart, he will do anything for a treat. I think he would run off a cliff if he thought he’d get a treat. Phoebe’s much calmer and therefore much more fun to be around. She’s also more social. Phoebe has been dying to get near our cats, but she’s smart about it . And she doesn’t want to eat them; she just wants to get to know them. So whenever she sees one in a room, she watches it a few minutes and then she slowly walks toward the cat. That’s usually when Shadow suddenly notices there’s a cat in the room and shoots toward it like a bullet. So much for getting to know the cats, Phoebe.

Taking them for a walk is another experience which greatly demonstrates Phoebe’s superior intelligence. Phoebe trots pleasantly along beside me. Shadow, on the other hand, cannot seem to control himself. He must follow every impulse, which means in dog language chase every smell, even though he is reminded every two seconds by the leash choking him that he cannot run more than five feet away. Still he is never deterred. He immediately chases after the next scent that comes his way. He just generally seems much more impulse oriented than Phoebe. I’ve wondered how this translates into male/female differences in humans.

I love both of my dogs though despite their differences. They drive my husband crazy at times, but I tell him that he has to put up with them because often the highlight of my day is relaxing on my bed with them beside me. (He HATES having them on the bed, but he puts up with it because he loves me so much.) The best thing about the dogs is that they are always excited to see me no matter what kind of mood I’m in, no matter how much I’ve neglected spending time with them, and even if I’ve just yelled at them or spanked them for chewing up another stuffed animal or pencil.

I’ve been thinking some lately about unconditional love. I’ve decided that the closest thing to unconditional love on earth is possibly the love of a parent for a child. But even then we have certain expectations and desires for our children. Maybe the closest thing to unconditional love we will ever experience here is that of our dogs.

Here’s Shadow. I still love him even though he’s obnoxious much of the time.




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2 responses to “Doggie Update

  1. Nothing quite like puppy love.

  2. What a joy these beautiful dogs can be and what a pain… ;-))

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