The Pirate Who Don’t Do Anything


The boys and I went to see The Pirate Who Don’t Do Anything Sunday afternoon. We tried to go one night last week, but our theater is only showing it on the weekends and only in the afternoon. I was not really looking forward to this movie because I did not enjoy Veggie Tales Jonah movie that much. But this one was much better.

While not a Bible story, it is full of Christian themes. While the king is away for awhile, the bad guy tries to get to the king through his children, the prince and princess, who have been left to rule while their father’s away. (Sound familiar to anyone? It’s the bigger story we’re living in.) Three of the main characters who are far from being heroes are forced by circumstances to rise to the occasion to help save the princess and rescue her brother. They demonstrate that even ordinary people can be heroes too. It’s chock full of silly Veggie Tales humor that even had me laughing out loud at times.

The kids loved it! It was almost as fun to watch their reactions, especially the four-year-old, as it was to watch the movie!


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