Love Without Boundaries Wins!!! and Pray For China’s Weather Crisis

Love Without Boundaries won Facebook’s $50,000 contest for the charity with the most donors over the past 50 days. The winner will not be officially announced until Feb. 21st. Thank you so much to everyone who donated! Lives will be changed because of your donation!

I would like to request prayers for the people of China. They are facing one of the worst winters in five decades. Transportation came to a standstill earlier this week. Millions of people in China are in the process of heading home for the Chinese New Year celebration which begins next week and lasts several weeks from my understanding. Travelers have been stranded on roads because of ice and snow. Millions have been without power for days. Many people in China do not even have heaters especially those who live in typically warmer areas.

Half the Sky Foundation is my other favorite China charity. Half the Sky has programs in orphanages throughout China where the caregivers are trained in ways to help the development of the children they care for among other enrichment programs for orphans. The program has been so effective in improving the conditions and development of orphans that they have been asked by the Chinese government to start a program in every province in China. Here is a link to an article on their website about how the weather is affecting the orphanages in different provinces. They are trying to get to each orphanage to give them the supplies they need–safe water, fuel, and diapers among other things. Please pray for these children and the workers who are caring for them as well as the others suffering in China.


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