Black Sunday–Or Why the Super Bowl Is Depressing


I actually was going to write this post yesterday with the same title, so I’m a day behind. WARNING all you sports fans: Do not read any further as you will be exasperated with my views on sports at the very least, just as the four males in my family are.

Our day yesterday morning began with my husband asking our 7-year-old son, “What are you doing?” His response: “Waiting for the Super Bowl to start.” Thus is my life as the sole two-legged female among four males. So in an effort to relate to the men in my life I have tried to increase my sports knowledge. I am proud to say that this is the first year in my 37 years that I knew who was playing in the Super Bowl BEFORE game day. And even more, I knew a little about the teams. In my household of football fans, they have been pressing me to choose a side. So yesterday morning I’m still deciding who to pull for at our church’s Super Bowl party. I usually just pull for the underdog, but this year it was more complicated.

The problem is that I cannot stand for successful people to be considered “losers”. Anyone who makes it to the Super Bowl in my mind is successful and should be considered a winner. I wanted the Patriots to win because it would be devastating for them to experience their first loss of the season at the Super Bowl. But then my heart just naturally goes toward the underdog. Also, Eli Manning played for my alma mater. (NOTE: This is the first time that I have publicly claimed UM as my alma mater. I will still pull for MSU anytime they are playing UM though.) So he’s sort of a Mississippi boy. Also, I remember when our oldest son, Eli, was born, Peyton Manning was playing at UT. Someone told us that Peyton had a younger brother in high school, Eli, who was supposed to be even better than him. And I just LOVE the commercials with Peyton and Eli–they remind me of my boys!

So I just decided to admit when asked who I wanted to win that I want them both to win. This resulted in groans and rolling eyes from my boys and “Mooooom, someone HAS to win.” My husband called me Mrs. Stalin and said that I’m a socialist.

I just don’t get it. In a battle scene on TV it’s usually obvious who should win. The good guys should win, and the bad guys should lose. It’s just not as clear cut for me in football.

My most passionate and competitive Patriots/Tom Brady fan, the 7-year-old, was devastated after the game was over. That may be an understatement. They were many tears and loud sobbing–no exaggeration. As we were putting the boys to bed, he had calmed down enough to have a conversation about the game. So I tried to explain my views to him again. “Don’t you see that it would be better if both teams could win. Then the Patriots would not be having the worst night of their lives tonight.” Still not convinced, “No, someone has to win, and it should have been the Patriots!”

So I’m happy for the Giants pulling off this win although I’m not saying too much about it for fear of outraging the 7-year-old. And I’m sad for the Patriots. They are winners in my book, but they are known as “losers” today and are probably feeling like losers.


Poor Junior Seau! I really like him. I wish he could have won.



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2 responses to “Black Sunday–Or Why the Super Bowl Is Depressing

  1. The best shots during the game was the unbridled joy coming from Peyton when his brother’s team went ahead. That was way cool!

  2. Amy

    Good luck with that philosophy in that house.

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