If you only read one book in your life you must read The Shack by William P. Young. I’ve thought a lot about this. I almost said that you should read the Bible and then The Shack, but unfortunately Christians have ruined the Bible for too many people by presenting a distorted picture of the truth of scripture. The Shack is one of the most profound, life-changing, brilliantly-written books that I’ve ever read. I do not believe that you can read it without being changed. I do not want to give anything away for those of you who have not read it, but it will challenge any views that you have of God and will present you with the kind of god you would wish for in your wildest dreams of the perfect god. And I believe that it portrays the truth of who God really is, and this truth is far from the way most Christians see him. And, honestly, it’s just written by a man, so God is probably even better than anything one of us could imagine!

Here are some of the endorsements from others:

“If God is all powerful and full of love, why doesn’t He do something about the pain and evil in our world? This book answers that age old question with startling creativity and staggering clarity. By far one of the best books I have ever read.” James Ryle, author Hippo in the Garden

“The Shack is a one of a kind invitation to journey to the very heart of God. Through my tears and cheers, I have been indeed transformed by the tender mercy with which William Paul Young opened the veil that too often separated me from God and from myself. With every page, the complicated do’s and don’t that distort a relationship into a religion were washed away as I understood Father, Son, and Holy Ghost for the first time in my life.” Patrick M. Roddy, Emmy Award Winning Producer of ABC News

“Don’t miss this! If there’s a better book out there capturing god’s engaging nature and his ability to crawl into our darkest nightmare with his love, light and healing, I’ve not seen it. For the most ardent believer or newest spiritual seeker, the shack is a must-read.” Wayne Jacobsen, author of So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore

“An exceptional piece of writing that ushers you directly into the heart and nature of god in the midst of agonizing human suffering. This amazing story will challenge you to consider the person and the plan of god in more expansive terms than you may have ever dreamed.” David Gregory, author of Dinner with a Perfect Stranger

“This book goes beyond being the well written suspenseful page-turner that it is. Since the death of our son Jason the lord has led us to a small number of life-changing books and this one heads the list. When you close the back cover you will be changed.” Dale Lang (, father of student killed in Columbine copycat shooting


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