Earthquake in China

Most of you have probably heard about the devastating earthquake that occurred in China on Monday. Half the Sky is one of my favorite charities which helps improve the lives of orphans in China. They have been sending daily e-mail updates on the conditions in China which they receive from reports directly from the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs. The following is from Half the Sky’s e-mail update today:

As of now, Thursday afternoon in China, there are 14,866 people confirmed
dead, 14,463 in Sichuan Province. There are 22,438 people reported
missing – 21,020 of them in Deyang alone. There have been 3,300
aftershocks and they continue.

Also, there were thousands school children who were buried in collapsed buildings which rescue workers are continuing to uncover.

In cooperation with China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs, Half the Sky has set up the Children’s Emergency Fund. The following is from today’s e-mail:

Donations will be used to provide emergency
and long-term relief to children affected by the disaster, including
emergency shelter, food, and medical care for children orphaned or
separated from their families, as well as temporary or long-term foster
care or, if necessary, temporary institutional care. The ministry has
guaranteed that the funds will be used only to help the children.

Today the Ford Motor Company announced that they would match every gift donated to Half the Sky’s fund at this site.

Please pray for the grieving families, the children who have been separated from their families, rescue workers, and everyone who has been affected by this tragedy.


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