China Update

Rescue workers in China

Above are rescue workers digging through rubble from China’s earthquake that occurred a week ago today. 32,477 people are confirmed dead and 35,000 are still missing.

So far there have been no confirmed deaths in any orphanages, but some orphanages are already receiving newly-orphaned children. At Half the Sky’s website there is a map of affected orphanages. Many of the orphanages have moved the children to tents due to aftershocks and possible earthquake damage to their buildings.

Here is a sad story from Half the Sky’s update today:

Shifang saw many of its schools destroyed, hundreds of children and their
teachers buried. They sent us this heartbreaking story during the rescue
efforts at Hongbai Primary School:

“‘We found him!’ Teacher Zhang Huibing’s body was finally discovered,
frozen in a posture of pushing against the door frame. According to the
students saved by him, when the earthquake happened, Teacher Zhang was on
the platform of the classroom on the second floor, which was very near the
door. He yelled to the students, ‘Run outside! Hurry!’ And he somehow
held the door frame up with both arms as the children ran out, one by one.
Just as all the students were safely evacuated, the building collapsed on
him. Teacher Zhang, who was only 30 years-old, had a four-year-old child
of his own.”

Half the Sky is focusing their emergency help towards children in need. You can donate at this site .


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  1. Tracy

    Even as I have prayed for the Chapman and Dobbs family I have still felt intense grief in my spirit for those suffering in China. This story makes it even more real.

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