All Eyes on China

While much of the world will be watching the Olympic events in China during the next 16 days, there are still many suffering the effects of the earthquake in May and then a more recent earthquake which affected the same area. Global Giving recently shared about a new project to help the children of China affected by the earthquake. The following is from an e-mail from Global Giving.

The BigTop Children’s Activity Center opened in June 2008 in a refugee camp in Dujiangyan, near the earthquake’s epicenter. The center provides support for the children and families. Complete with preschools, therapeutic after-school activities and emotional support, Big Top Children’s Center will operate for the next two years to support the children and families in their recovery and getting back on their feet.

Click here to see lovely photos of what is happening at BigTop #1 at Qinjian Refugee Camp. In addition to building and equipping these tents for two years, Half the Sky plans for the next five years to train doctors, teachers and caregivers in helping grieving children to develop resilience. The following is from an e-mail newsletter from Love Without Boundaries.

Each BigTop offers a preschool and afternoon and weekend activities for
school-age children: art, music, dance, sports, games. The idea is to
create safe spaces for traumatized children to just be children again. Our
partners at Huaxi Mental Health Centre of Sichuan University and at the
National Center for School Trauma and Bereavement tell us that this is a
critical first step toward healing. The children receive counseling at the
BigTop but it feels incidental – they come to play and to have a place
that is their own and to feel safe.

Down the long road to recovery, we hope we can further help the children
of Sichuan by creating permanent community centers in the hardest-hit
towns. We have learned that the healing from a disaster of this scale must
go on for years, some say generations.

It’s a really great time to spread the word about helping these families.


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