Our (sorta) Grand Adventure

The boys and I went to Nashville this past weekend. We had a great visit with Tommy’s sister and her husband. We went to a Dragon Boat Festival Saturday morning. It was lots of fun! Then Saturday evening we went to my nieces’ sixth birthday party (my sister’s daughter). My niece is an unusual little girl in that she is fascinated by dinosaurs and reptiles. So for her birthday some friends of my sister and her husband gave Mary Carsen a pet snake. (My mom and husband both had the same response–“Well, I’m not going to visit them anymore.”) It is a baby snake that eats frozen baby mice (if you feed it live mice, it makes it become aggresive–good thing to know). It will grow to be 2 1/2-3 1/2 feet long. They will eventually have to get a 20 gallon terrarium for it. Well, my sister called this morning to say, “Well, there’s a snake loose in my house.” I don’t think I’ll be going to visit anytime soon either!

Now for the big news–although we live in North Mississippi, Hurricane Fay renovated our house while we were away. My husband was here when a tree fell on our house at 4:45am Sunday. He called Sunday morning and said, “I have good news, and I have bad news. Good news is that we’re getting new carpet.” (something I’ve been begging for for a year) “Bad news is that we’re getting a new roof, too” The tree collapsed one side of our back porch and put a huge hole in the roof above our living room. Since it continued to rain all day Sunday, the living ceiling got wet and fell in. As Tommy put it, “Fay installed a skylight in our living room.” We have an eight-foot-wide hole in the living room. We also have a hole over our bedroom and a leak in there. We living with my mom for now. Insurance company has been extremely helpful. A contractor looked at it today and said it would take 3-4 weeks to finish the job. Good news is that we get new carpet and get to change the things about our living room that we never liked!

My poor doggies are so confused!

Hole in living room:


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