Still Waiting…

We are still awaiting pre-approval from China to proceed with our adoption. Since I cannot post the photos I really am dying to post, I’ll post photos from our summer.

Early this summer Tommy, Eli, and I along with good friend, Angie, went to Memphis to hear one of my favorite artists, Sara Groves, and Matthew West.

Here is Sara performing

Here is Angie, Sara, and I–we have an identical photo from five years ago–the first time I went to see Sara in concert.

Eli really loved Matthew West–in fact, Tommy ended up buying him several of Matthew’s cds. I love it when my kids find great music to love! Here is Eli with Matthew West

Already posted this once but I couldn’t resist. The early part of our summer included lots of baseball games to watch Caleb dive, slide, and literally throw himself into whatever he happened to be doing at the moment. He’s one tough cookie!

My sister, her girls, the boys, and I spent a couple of days at my dad’s late in June. Caleb got to do one of his other favorite things–fish. He caught a huge number of fish–I can’t remember how many!

Dad set up a little kiddie pool for the kiddos to play in. Here’s my darling niece Nora Blayre before…

and after she dived head-first into the pool!

Then we all went to spend a few days at my mom’s. The boys and I also go spend the night at Granny’s house when Christy and her girls visit even though mom lives in Starkville also. Here’s my sweet niece Eliza. She has Caleb wrapped around her little finger. All she has to say is “Caaaaleb, I need someone to swing me,” and he comes running.

My niece Mary Carsen made it pretty high up one of Granny’s trees. Pretty good for a city girl!

Here is Titus in his boots he wears at Granny’s:

Mary Carsen, Titus, and Eliza after swimming in our pool

Titus’ birthday is July 2nd, so we tell him all the fireworks and celebrations are for him. Here’s my big five-year-old getting ready to blow out his candles! He’s showing me his excited face!

We planned to go visit Tommy’s mom for 4th of July, but Caleb ended up getting sick. So we had a relaxing holiday at home. Here are photos of us shooting fireworks in the backyard. Eli got brave enough to light some.

Caleb with a sparkler

Tommy holding a Roman candle

Slip’n’Slide photos of Caleb and Titus:

We had an Olympic Opening Ceremony party on August 8th. It was loads of fun! I ordered Chinese lanterns and dragon decorations that I plan to reuse for Chinese New Year celebrations. We had a Mario and Sonic at the Olympics Wii tournament, and the boys organized Olympic competitions for the kids outside. We also had everyone bring Chinese take-out to share. Here is a photo of Caleb and his best buddy Robert with their Olympic gold medals

Eli and buddy Brian

Friends Piper and Jayden are pulling for the US

My boyfriend and me 😉

Finally, photos from our trip to Nashville. These are photos of the Dragon Boat Festival we went to. The day started out with a dragon dance that was called “the waking of the dragon.”

Dragon Boat Race

We love stopping at different places along the Natchez Trace Parkway when we drive to and from Nashville. One of our favorite places to stop is Lower Glenn Falls. We planned to stop and play for about 15 minutes, but we lost track of time and stayed for 45 minutes! Here are the boys playing in the stream.

Titus and me in the “cave”

Titus and Eli with the dam they built

It had just rained, and we were greeted by many beautiful butterflies!

Titus with his rock from Lower Glenn Falls. He’s in his pjs because his clothes got soaked, and the only clothes I could reach in the trunk were his pjs–the trunk was packed with things for Rachel from my trip to Target.


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