We received our pre-approval to adopt Suhui in Wuhan SWI, Hubei province, China! Rachel Suhui is five-years-old, one month older than Titus. But she is much smaller than he is. Before I saw the photos of her I told Titus that they would be like twins. Then when I opened the third photo I was immediately struck by her mouth because something about it reminded me of Titus. Several people have said that she looks like Titus or looks like part of our family. She has a congenital heart defect and has had one surgery. She will need another surgery soon after coming home. She is currently living with a foster family. We are optimistically hoping to travel before the end of the year, but it is possible that we will not travel until early next year.  So here’s Rachel!

This is the photos that reminds me of Titus.


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  1. That is wonderful! Maybe the time will go quickly until you can bring her home.

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