Nobody’s Got It All Together

A friend of mine wrote a note on Facebook that prompted the following comment/post from me:

Thank you so much for writing such an honest post! I have more and more come to respect people who can be honest about themselves because we’re all screwed up after all. There’s just too many people walking around pretending that they’re not–trying to fool everyone. Reading your post makes me think of one of my favorite Jill Phillips cds called “Nobody’s Got It All Together.”

Here are the lyrics of the title track:
Working hard to tie up the loose ends
So hard to decide who you let in
Put your best foot forward with a grin
I can see the fear behind your eyes
Wondering if someone will recognize
You’re grown tired of keeping up the lies

Don’t whitewash the truth about yourself ’cause
Nobody’s got it all together
If you want to be like everyone else, well
Nobody’s got it all together

I have seen the darkness of my heart
And found a love that’s shown me it’s too hard
To walk through life and not let down my guard
What good is it to say “Please Savior come”
If there is nothing you need rescue from
Life is something no one has a corner on

When the parts that are self-righteous
Start to disappear
Every other life is
Just another mirror

Life is way too short to run and hide

I love the line “What good is it to say ‘Please Savior come’ if there is nothing you need rescue from.” There are too many “Christians” going around acting like they have got it all together and that their job is to now show everyone else how to get it all together. I have come to pity these people because to truly have a deep, fulfilling, life-changing relationship with God you must come to Him broken. Yet there are too many people in churches pretending that they’re not broken. I am sad for them because until they come to that place they can never have the life God intended them to have.

Here’s Jill Phillips singing the song:

I love, love, love this whole cd by the way! Highly recommend it! Her musical style is different from what I’m usually drawn to, but her lyrics are brilliant. She has an amazing voice also.

You can here samples at her website here. It also says that you can download the cd for free or pay whatever you want for a limited time–that was posted on July 18th–so I don’t know if that’s still available. But if you’re interested you can try it.


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