Lucky Bowling Ball

I know, I know. I’m a rotten mom. I am just now getting around to mailing a package to Rachel. I started getting it ready about six weeks ago. I’m just making excuses, but we have had a little bit going on with our house under construction–they finished last week by the way!. It looks great! And it only took six weeks of construction starting at 6:30-7:00am EVERY morning. Trying to have school with that going on was quite a challenge. Then I have also had a few very time consuming ministry opportunities going on as well.

I put together a small scrapbook for Rachel of our family members, house, pets, etc. Audrey, my friend from Singapore, wrote who everyone is in Mandarin for me. So hopefully Rachel’s foster mother will be able to read the book with her and prepare her for her new family.

I am sooooo excited too about a card I got to send her. It is one of those Halmark cards where you can record a message. Audrey has been teaching me Mandarin Chinese. So I was able to record a message to Rachel in Chinese: “This is you Mama. You are beautiful. I love you.” I’m so excited that she will be able to hear my voice!!

My boys have been amused by their mom’s sudden obsession with all things PINK. And as Eli has developed his dad’s flair for sarcasm, he has made quite a few comments about all that I have bought. One of them also told Dad how much I spent at Target, and when I find out who they’re in BIG trouble. 😉

As I was carrying the package that I have for Rachel, I wondered aloud how much it would cost to send it and commented on how heavy it was. And Caleb, prompted by Eli I’m sure, said, “Not to mention the lucky bowling ball that you’re sending her.” The little smart aleck!

Yes, you really can buy a “Hello Kitty” bowling ball. And, no, I haven’t bought one.


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