Election Ranting and Raving–but not the way you think ;-)

Okay, I had decided that I was not going to broach the political realm for a while because I’m simply sick of the whole thing. All I could think for the past few weeks is, “Can this PLEASE be over all ready so my inbox will once again be free of political junk!”

But the responses on Facebook of all of my conservative friends was very discouraging and in some cases appalling. I voted for Obama, but I would have been fine if McCain had won. I would not have acted like it was the end of the world.

I have received some of the craziest e-mails ever in the last few weeks–everything from Obama is another Castro in disguise to he’s the beast described in the book of Revelations. How about…he’s just another politician who may or may not be able to enact changes that will make our country an even better place to live.

Most of the folks I’ve talked to over the past few months about the election stated that they didn’t like McCain but they were voting for him because Obama scared them. I attribute much of this fear to the insane amount of crap that is passed around on the internet as truth. The worst part of the whole thing is that when my husband continued to suggest that friends sending us anti-Obama e-mails check truthorfiction.com or another such sight before forwarding these things, they lamblasted truthorfiction as being biased. They also accused Obama of being willing to say anything to get elected. Strangely enough, these same people were willing to say anything to keep him from getting elected even if it is not the truth.

I’m also sick of my friends talking to me as if they KNOW my political views simply because I’m a Christ-follower. I wrote earlier about my former beliefs that Christians could not vote for a Democrat. I feel the need to expand my explanation.

The reason that so many Christians believe that a Christian should not vote for a Democrat is mainly because of the issue of abortion. While I am strongly against abortion, I believe that it is solely one issue–an issue that very little has happened over the past 30+ years to change our countries’ policy on. I guess the main reason that abortion is not such a huge issue in determining who to vote for is that I don’t believe that you can legislate morality. Reversal of Roe v. Wade will save lives, but it will not change hearts. Only God can do that. And He has, for some crazy reason, chosen us as his vessels to carry His love and heart-changing message to all of the aching hearts in our country and around the world.

So my challenge to all of my mourning friends is instead of grumbling and complaining, you be the change that you want to see in our world. Our God is powerful, but His power can only reach those who are hurting if we spend time with those hurting souls. Too many people I know are too busy enjoying their comfortable American prosperity to step out and find those people in their towns for whom the American dream is not a reality. Maybe we need to introduce them to One whose love for them is not dependent on where they live, the color of their skin, the mistakes they have made, their level of education, or how much money they make. I’m guilty of what I described above, but I asked God for years and he has finally brought people into my life who are very different from me who have very different backgrounds from mine. He has used me to minister to them, but even more amazing is the way that these folks have blessed my life! My relationship with them has also helped me to see that it’s not as easy as it looks to pull yourself up when you’ve made mistakes(like we all do–some just have more lasting consequences than others). One of the biggest things I’ve found is that many of them just need someone to care about them, to show an interest in their lives, and to encourage them not to give up–someone to love them unconditionally the way God does.

Here’s a post from a blog that my husband reads. It expresses well the struggle that many Christians have had in deciding who to vote for in this election.



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5 responses to “Election Ranting and Raving–but not the way you think ;-)

  1. stuffjourneymemberslike

    thank you for saying this!! god is sovereign over all. the bible says he will judge each man’s work impartially- this includes candidates as well as voters. i am disgusted each time i hear “you can’t be a christian and vote for…” or “god votes…” god doesn’t vote! he is above parties and candidates. most importantly, one day when we stand before him, he’s not going to ask to see our voter registration card or ask us who we voted for. true salvation does not come from politics.

  2. I agree. It is over now and McCain’s followers should follow his lead and embrace and support Obama. It will take a united America to lead this country back to prosperity and balance. There are many good things he can accomplish if he will.

    BTW my biggest disagreement with Obama is that he wants to take caring for the hurting out of the people’s hands and take care of them through the Government. I think if we as Christians were doing our job Government would not to be so big… just one viewpoint…that is not radical, or mourning.

  3. ashia

    hey kim… just wanted to apologize to you if my status on facebook last night was one that hurt your feelings, or made you mad. now that emotions aren’t so high from watching the speeches and everything, i think most people were saying things out of disappointment that their candidate didn’t win. everyone was hyped up last night, and wasn’t thinking clearly. i guess i should just speak for myself here and say that that’s how i felt, at least. just disappointed last night, and today has been a new day and i’m totally fine with everything. but anyways, thank you for sharing your views on your blog. i really enjoy reading other people’s views on these things. i’m still in that stage in my life that i’m sorting through everything to find out what i believe, and what i do not. so i love hearing what others think. anyway, just wanted to tell you that. =) hope you’re not upset anymore!

    p.s. i agree with what the previous donna lady said about the government taking care for the hurting. like the new michael w. smith song says, “let the church arise!”

  4. Ashia, Thanks for your sweet apology. Your status wasn’t one that really upset me. So many people were just over the top–actually most of those were Tommy’s friends that he was reading to me.

    I agree with you, Donna. The problem is–the majority of the church aren’t doing what we’re supposed to be doing. Recently I was so frustrated in church because Bo was talking about ministering to people in need. It got me fuming mad because I looked around and I was sitting in a church full of white people. At that time I was over in the housing projects near my home about a dozen times a week and I rarely ever saw a single white person. What Bo was saying was good, but the fact is that people aren’t doing it. Then people are always bring up the safety issue which really gets my goat, and I plan on writing about that soon.

    Sorry to be so long–this issue really gets me fired up. πŸ™‚

  5. For future notice, I delete anonymous comments. I will be glad to have a dialog with anyone brave enough to come forward and admit who they are. πŸ˜‰

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