The Newest Member of Our Family (Yes, we are officially INSANE!)

A few weeks ago our family consisted of my husband, myself, our three sons, two very old cats, two young and obnoxious Bassett hounds, and, of course, Rachel will become a part of family shortly. Several months ago our middle son, the passionate animal lover, began campaigning for his OWN dog for Christmas. When we got the Bassett hounds two years ago we tried to pretend Shadow, the boy, was his. But they are really both mine, and they act like mine even though Caleb plays with them more than anyone else.

After much prayer and discussion between Tommy and me, we began searching for the perfect dog for Caleb. So two days before Christmas we got her, a golden retriever puppy. Here’s Molly!



She’s still just a baby, so she sleeps alot. Caleb has been super mommy taking care of her. This is my active child who loves to move, but for most of the past week he has been sitting down holding Molly while she sleeps. We have offered to watch her so that he could play with his visiting cousins, but he refused. My mom said that this is the calmest that she’s ever seen Caleb.


Here she is curled up around Caleb’s neck. She slept beside him for the first few days until we were awakened at 6am one morning with Titus screaming, “SHE POOPED! SHE POOPED!” Molly had pooped in their bed, and Titus had managed to stick his hand in it. So now Molly is sleeping in a small crate on the end of their bed.


Molly is absolutely precious! So far she is perfect! We are crazy for adding a dog to our family, but Caleb is just a child who needs his own dog. Although he has two brothers, he is always in need of someone to play with. Caleb loves running and playing outside. Eli only goes out when forced to preferring to read or computer indoors. And Titus, our opinionated five-year-old, although he loves to play outside is not very cooperative when playing with Caleb. Titus likes to make up his own games with his own rules and is quite content to have his outdoor adventures alone. So I’m hoping that Caleb will have the precious companionship of Molly for many years to come.

Now, does anyone want two Bassett hounds?



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2 responses to “The Newest Member of Our Family (Yes, we are officially INSANE!)

  1. That is a perfect dog!

    and no….I do not want a Bassett Hound….

  2. Oh, how precious! That photo of him asleep in the bed is just the best.

    Our dog is a lowchen and named Goggo — he is wonderful.

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