We’re Ready for Rachel!

We finished most of Rachel’s room a few weeks ago, but I put the last few finishing touches in it last night and tonight. My nieces loved playing in it when they visited at Christmas!


Here’s the Christmas tree I’ve had in her room. When Caleb first saw it, he looked at it funny for a minute and then said, “Christmas trees aren’t pink!”


Here are her dolls. Out of all the Asian dolls I’ve bought, my absolute favorite is Berenguer’s Mini La Newborn. It is just 9.5 inches, but it is one of the most beautiful little dolls I’ve ever seen! I gave my baby-doll-loving 4-year-old niece one for Christmas. She carried “him” around all morning long. She kept talking about how cute he was and said “Look at his little back. It’s so cute!” Then later she said, “He’s so cute I just can’t put him down.”


Here’s a sweet backpack my sister gave Rachel–ladybugs have become the symbol of China adoption–they are supposed to bring luck.


Here’s the kitchen we got for Rachel for Christmas. We were going to wait and have Christmas for her when she came home. But I decided that it would be too overwhelming for her. She’s going to have enough excitement as it is!




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5 responses to “We’re Ready for Rachel!

  1. Amy

    Love, love this room!! You are definitely ready for Rachel!

  2. That is such a great room. I know it’s quite a change from your other rooms! I’m so happy for all of you!

  3. Erica

    Oh my goodness Kim…I love her room!!! You guys did such a good job. My favorite part is her little kithen and the corner of the room with the table and bird prints on the wall. So adorable!

    We’re so close now!!!!


  4. Um… Can I move in to that room??

    It’s gorgeous!

  5. Tracy

    What a beautiful room for your beautiful daughter! You have always been one of the most thoughtful people on this planet. I am so glad that Rachel is going to benefit from having you as a mother.

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