We’re Ready!

Our first flight leaves at 5:45am tomorrow morning from Golden Triangle Airport. We fly to Atlanta then to Newark, NJ then to Beijing! We will arrive in Beijing at 3pm their time (1am our time). Here’s our schedule:

Thursday, Jan. 8th-Saturday, Jan. 10th–Touring Beijing

Sat., Jan. 10th–Fly to Wuhan (Rachel’s province!)

Mon., Jan. 12th–Gotcha Day!!!

Fri., Jan. 16th–Fly to Guangzhou

Wed., Jan. 21st–Take train to HongKong

Thurs., Jan. 22nd–Fly from Hong Kong to Newark, then Atlanta, then Columbus

Caleb, our middle son who’s 8, is going with us. Several people have asked why we’re taking him. At first we debated between bringing all three boys or leaving all three at home. We had pretty much decided to leave them all at home. As time to travel grew closer, I just really wanted to take at least Eli or Caleb or both. I talked to Eli about it. He said that since he wasn’t all that interested in going to China and that Caleb REALLY wanted to go we should take him. Caleb has been begging to go since we first started the adoption process. He’s my adventurer. Although Caleb has been pretty weepy at bedtime the past two nights. He’s been sad about leaving Molly, his new puppy. But last night and tonight he was sad about leaving his brothers. He drew a picture of all of our family (including Rachel) holding hands and gave it to his brothers.



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3 responses to “We’re Ready!

  1. Kim
    We are so excited to follow your journey for Rachel. You are going to love Beijing. If you dont have a guide, let us know. We had the most wonderful guide ever and she was so good! Praying for happy travel and comfort to all your boys at home. Just a few more days until baby girl.

  2. I’m so excited for all of you. Be careful, have fun!

  3. Hello !
    We are waiting for our TA to head out to Wuhan. Our 6 year old son is there. Safe travels !

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