should be sleeping

after figuring out wordpress is blocked in China (thanks Phil) and finding a work around (thanks Amanda) all while I should be sleeping, I got to wordpress and wrote a post and then it was eaten and now the work around isn’t working. I am posting this through facebook. So no pictures for now.

We made it! it took 48 hours from when we left home, but we made it. Caleb did great on the long, long, long plane ride. Until the end he watched the tv and played games. But he was up over 24 hours by the time we got him in bed. He and Kim are sleeping now as I need to be. But my clock is messed up in my head.

in the morning (night for you reading) we will tour Beijing and see the Forbidden place, Temple of Heaven and other sites.

Please leave a comment, it hopefully we will be back up and running and can read them. We get them as emails so it is nice to hear from home.

Going to bed again.


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  1. Thanks for finding a way to keep us updated. I had been wondering all day if you guys had made it yet. Can’t wait for further updates…prayers continue.

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