We’re Here!!!

I know Tommy already posted, but this is my first time to post from China. It’s almost 6am here. We’ve been up since 5am, not counting waking up at 2:30am for awhile. I know that you’re supposed to stay up til your normal bedtime, but we just couldn’t make it. Tommy and I slept very little on the flight. Caleb tried to sleep but couldn’t. He enjoyed the games and movies on the plane. He’s been great. But after being up for 24 hours, he melted last night. We walked around outside our hotel looking for a place to eat in the freezing cold (MUCH COLDER than NYC was!). But Caleb desperately needed sleep, so we went back to our room to eat a snack and go to sleep at 6:30pm.

We all were awake at 2:30am. When I tried to explain to Caleb that he really needed to try to lay still until he went back to sleep. He said, “I can’t! My feet are used to running at this time!” So he flew around the room pretending to be an airplane for awhile before we put on a movie so that he would lay down. He finally slept a few more hours.

This morning first thing he wanted to know was in Florida won. So now he’s performing the replays of Tebow that he saw on tv for me.

Our flight was very good. Plenty to do on the plane to help pass time. While waiting to board, we met another adoptive family. Then we were seated next to a couple from Indiana who are adopting. Rebecca and I spent several hours of our flight sharing adoption stories.

I did realize on the flight how little Chinese I know. I have been taking lessons once a week from my dear friend Audrey who is from Singapore for several months. She has been great! I unfortunately have not been the greatest student. We have just been too busy the past several months for me to practice much between lessons. I initially wanted to learn Chinese just to be able to speak to Rachel at least a little when we get her. I am surprised at how strong my desire to communicate with the Chinese people is now that I’m here. I have a small notebook filled with notes to help me. I am hoping that I can practice some with our guide Gaby today. We are off for our city tour of Beijing in a couple of hours.

Still haven’t figured out how to post photos. Hopefully we can do that later.



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9 responses to “We’re Here!!!

  1. Eddie

    So glad you guys are there; hope your tour is enjoyable. Point out to Caleb that State’s new coach called the plays that “Superman” Tebow ran. I thought of him as I watched the second half last night. We are praying for and thinking of you constantly!

  2. Linda

    Well, Robert is beside himself wanting to know all details!!!! When I told him that you were going to tour Beijing today, he turned and looked real big at me and said, “You me where they had the Olympics!?! I did not know they were going there!” He was also insistent about watching the football game last night. He kept telling me he was watching it for him and Caleb. I am afraid that his mouth got him into trouble, (imagin that!) and he had to go to bed early. The game did not end till almost 11, so he would have not gotten to see all of it. First thing this morning he wanted to know who won. The next statement was, “We have to let Caleb know.” So, from Robert to Caleb “Florida WON!!!!” I am so thankful that Robert and Caleb have each other.

    I am glad that you made it and that all is well. Now take a deep breath and enjoy. It is so wonderful to see God at work. He certainly turned everything bad into something great. None of you will ever forget Tommy’s big 40!! I still am praying for you because the enemy will not sleep!! Stay on guard and keep looking up. I love all of you bunches and bunches!!

  3. Mom

    So glad you are finally there. Pray things will go well from here on out. Things seem to be going well here. Angie won’t let me do a thing though. The boys could care less whether I was there or not so I did not go over at all yesterday and just went over today after work to pick up the ingredients for the cake. I’ve got the cake baked. Just waiting for it to cool to ice. Well, love and miss you all.

  4. So glad that you finally made it to Beijing. I hope your body clocks adjust to your new time zone quickly. But it always takes me until the 4th day to truly feel like a human being when I travel to Europe. But once your bodies adjust the refound energy will amaze you. So you should be feeling great by the time you see Rachel. You mentioned your schedule has been adjusted. Does that mean that you meet Rachel a day later than originally planned? I am so impressed with Caleb! He is awesome!
    Can’t wait to see my new niece! She is so lucky to be be able to grow in the unselfish love that is the heart of your family.
    I am keeping Mother updated. She called me the night you left before I had a chance to call her, so I am trying to keep her totally informed. She is very happy that you have finally arrived. Susu

  5. Jennifer & Darrell

    What an eventful trip, but I’m so glad you guys are finally there! You will definitely be on all of our minds in the coming days. We love you and your family (including your new addition), and our prayers are with you and with Rachel that all will go well. The boys love looking at the pictures on your blog of Rachel and of her room 🙂 She has such a wonderful place and such a precious family to come home to!

  6. We are so excited you’re moving on to the next phases of the trip! I’m glad our resident IT person got you going in the right direction on the fly thousands of miles away and hours removed from you. Thank you so much for keeping us posted! We pray the Lord continues to guide your path and shower you with His peace as you go about your business there.


    Hi, Kim, Tommy & Caleb,
    I’ve enjoyed reading your journal and seeing all the pictures. Rachel’s room is so pretty. I’m thankful you finally arrived in China. I love New York too and hope to go back some day. I am praying that Rachel will immediately bond with you all and feel your love for her. I know it has to be frightening to leave all that is familiar to her–not knowing how much better her life will be from now on. I am praying about that. I look forward to reading your next post. I pray God’s protection for you.

  8. Glad the FB trick worked. SOOOO glad you’re in China. Just a few more days till you have your very own GOTCHA day! I hope the rest of the trip goes 10000x smoother than the start.

  9. Linda/Robert

    Hey, Caleb! How are you and your parents doing? Where are you now? Did you enjoy your tour of Beijing? I hope your did! What was your favorite thing about it? How did you like flying in the airplane? Talk to you later. Love, Robert

    Robert has just 1 or 2 questions for you!! He has been very interested in knowing what I have heard from you. I have been very surprised at how excited he has been. For me not an hour has passed without you all on my mind, and I think he is the same way (at least about Caleb). Can’t wait to here from you again. With hugs and kisses for all, Linda

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