Michael Jordan and Jesus visit the Great Wall

Well this is Tommy.  I have been going to sleep with Caleb around 9 Pm each night and seem to always wake around 3 am.  But wake feeling rested.

I thought I might share some of the impressions I have had of China, that are things that are different from home.

Here is evidence of the greatness of Air Jordan.  This is at one of the stalls set up to sell to tourists.  I thought it was funny.

China has a distinct smell.  The food, the linens, the air all have this smell.  I don’t think it is the water, but probably the air.  Of course we have only been in two GIGANTIC Cities.  The smell is sort of like an old break shop if you remember that asbestos smell.  It is a metallic/sweet smell.  Some of it may be the incense.  It isn’t at all offensive, although I don’t like it.

Wuhan which you probably have never heard of is larger than ANY city in the US except for NYC.  So we have visited 3 of the world’s largest cities in less than a week.  Wuhan seems at first impression to be more spread out and less dense than Beijing.  The number and size of old apartements that resemble eastern block countries buildings in Beijing is staggering. They are very close together.

The air quality in Wuhan seems to be much worse than in Beijing.  our hotel room is very nice and on the 19th floor.  the windows were open with the heat on when we arrived.  looking down to the street you might suspect a nearby fire of LARGE magnitude.  But the buildings as Kim has described are all lit very nicely.

Side note,  if you have a choice visit Beijing when it is warmer.  WOW it was cold!

well better go. I have to post some pictures for Kim and make sure all our batteries are charged for PICTURES of Rachel!

We will very soon meet her and as our guide said “maybe you will cry?”  And I thought yeah, that is probably more than a maybe.

This rescue mission is about to reach a climax!  I can hardly wait.

We should be able to post a quick picture or two  late on your Sunday night midnight or so.  But Monday morning when most of you are checking in on blogs you will see her little face beside us.


addition:  the hotel in Beijing had not soft but fairly soft mattresses the ones here are what we had heard about.  Basicaly thing of a box spring, not the real kind with springs but the cheap kind that is a box with a hard flat top.  put a sheet on that and you have our beds!



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9 responses to “Michael Jordan and Jesus visit the Great Wall

  1. connie green

    Kim and Tommy
    Wow…only a few more short hours and you will have beautiful Rachel in your arms. We are praying for you and asking our Dear Lord to prepare her little heart right now. I cant wait to see pictures of Mommy holding her. Treasure each moment in China.
    BTW. The family you were talking about Rebecaa and Andy. They are adopting Lia’s best friend, Owen, aka Bing Bing.
    Hugs and prayers to all of yoy
    Green Party of 5ive

  2. Tommy and Kim.
    I am so excited as the hours count down. I will not be able to sleep thinking about your new daughter, Rachel Su. Cherish every moment and send photos as soon as you can. love, Susan

  3. Christy

    Getting anxious! Praying!!!

  4. Linda/Robert

    Hi, Caleb! I am very very happy!!!!!!!! that you have got to meet Rachel. I can’t wait until ya’ll get back so I can see all of ya’ll and see Rachel. I saw Molly tonight. She has grown a bunch!!!! She likes to bite you. You may not know me at the airport when you get home. I will be the bald one!!! or almost bald. Mom cut my hair this morning and made a little mistake!!!!, but I like it a bunch!!! Love, Robert

    Well, it is 10:35pm on Sunday night here in MS!!! That means you have had “our baby” in your arms for 2 1/2 hours!!! As I wright tears are running down my face. I am so proud of the two of you!! Give her a few extra hugs and kisses for me. Can’t wait to hear from you!!! With much love, Linda

  5. Eddie

    I pray that as I type this, you have gotten to spend the first couple of hours (as anticipated) with your daughter. My mind has been on Caleb a lot this evening. I pray that all has gone well and that you feel everyone’s collective love and God’s presence around you.

    TCS, know I love you, friend. This is a pretty good way to start that 40th year!

  6. Kim

    Hey ya’ll…been thinking of you often and praying and thinking and praying and wondering…etc..etc…thanks for keeping us up to date with the posts on FB…almost felt like we were with you…I’m anxiously awaiting word on your meeting with your new daughter…along with countless others I’m sure…tell Caleb that Molly is doing great and Bella has even allowed her to nurse with the other puppies…she’s just like one of the gang now…although she did tell me that she couldn’t wait until her boy got back to town 🙂 Can’t wait to see the pics…love to all of you…Kim

  7. Jennifer

    Thinking of you and hoping all is going well. Thanks for all of the updates, and hoping the next update is the one we’ve all been waiting for 🙂 Hugs to all of you!

  8. Guy and TinaMarie

    Tommy and Kim,

    It sounds like you have had a real adventure so far.
    You’ve probably met Rachel by now. How exciting!
    We look forward to seeing lots more pictures.
    May the Lord bless you mightily in the days ahead!

    We leave for China on January 29. We will meet our
    precious daughter Liana February 2! We are thrilled!

    Guy and TinaMarie Posey

  9. Eddie

    Just saw the comments on FB; I’m posting everywhere I can think of in the hopes that you’ll see one. We are so happy for you all and glad she’s finally together with y’all! Know that prayers will continue and there’s lots of smiles back here. We love you all.

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