Rachel is a little spitfire!

We have Rachel!!! The spirit of this little girl is amazing! We went to the meeting place this morning and did paperwork while we waited for Rachel to arrive. Her kindergarten teacher from the orphanage brought her in to the room where we were. We recognized her immediately. She immediately recognized us and came running around the room to us. She was very talkative and excited, different from the other babies who were crying. Of course, she was older than most of them. She called Tommy Baba (Daddy), me Mama, and Caleb Gege(big brother). She loved her baby doll and her backpack full of goodies. The director was very nice. He gave us a photo album of Suhui from the time she came to the orphanage. He gave us her finding ad. In China they are required to place finding ads in the newspaper to try to find a child’s parents when they are abandoned. He also gave Suhui a large coin in a box with the orphanage on it.

Caleb brought cars for her to play with because the information we received said that she liked to play with cars and balls. So her first word in English was “car.”

Her teacher seemed very concerned about her. She gave us many instructions on how to take care of her. She takes an aspirin everyday for her heart. She also instructed us in how to dress her warmly and not to feed her cold food and drink. In China, they do not believe it is healthy for children to drink cold things. When we got back to the hotel, she said she wanted some water to drink. (My Chinese has paid off a little, but she says A LOT that we don’t understand–extremely talkative and LOUD.) I gave her room temperature water, and she said that it was too cold. She likes Sprite and also KFC chicken which we had for lunch. She knows how to knaw a bone clean!

She liked her bracelets and necklaces that we brought for her. She likes to put them on us and take them off. She also loves her little toy Cinderella phone that talks. She is already repeating things that we say. She was very excited when we got back to our hotel room about all the toys I had there and about her clothes when our guide told her that they were all hers.

She is very polite. Whenever she gives us something and we say “xie xie” (thank you), she responds with “Bu yao xie” (your welcome). She also accidentally stepped on Zoe’s foot in the elevator and told her “Dui bu chi” (Sorry).

She calls Zoe, our guide, jie jie (big sister), but it is common for children to call people family names in China. They call adults auntie and uncle or older adults grandma and grandpa.


this is Tommy taking over…as it is hard to type with Rachel banging on the keyboard. 😉

Kim wanted me to say that when we got back to the room …Oh she just kissed Kim when Kim told her “wo I nee”  I love you.

She is an amazing little girl…very, very outgoing.  But that is the first time she has kissed.

Back to what Kim wanted to say, was that in the room she said she wanted to Go to America.  That will be a challenge as we first went to a Carrefor (think walmart sort of) she wanted EVERYTHING.  cried at one point .  We asked her if her foster mother had ever taken her shopping?  she answered no.  So she didn’t understand.

But she did understand we are her family.  The director told us that they had always told her that she would only live with her foster family until her parents who were busy would come take her home.

Our prayers about her being prepared seem to be answered.  I know that it is early but she seems very happy and wonders about us if we leave the room.

She keeps putting her stuff in her backpack and is very demanding of her stuff,but at the same time keeps wanting to share everything. she has given me about 20 peices of gum already today.

I’ll post this incase anyone is awake and then add more.


So much to share. She is now out of her 4 pairs of pants and tops and is laying down (we are hoping for an afternoon nap) by Kim she has her wawa (baby) beside her and then Kim is by her and she has taken the baby’s blanket and stretched it across them both.  very sweet.

We know that her life to this point has not been without an effect on her.  She is obviously very worried about her gifts being taken away.

Anyway, here are pictures to enjoy.

first time in Daddy’s lap.

we were looking at other babies thinking..that’s not not her then our guide goes to call the director and let him know we are waiting. then I hear Kim say “OH there she IS!!!” and I look and she is running around the table to us “BABA, MAMA!!!” I thought my heart would explode.



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4 responses to “Rachel is a little spitfire!

  1. Eddie

    Congratulations and PRAISE GOD! This is so awesome. We are thrilled for you. I’ve stayed up & posted everywhere I could think of, hopefully getting one through that you saw…hope it wasn’t annoying. Just wanted you to know that we share in your joy. Give Tommy a big hug for me! Know that we love you and can’t wait to meet her, too.

  2. Renee

    The beautiful pictures made me cry! I am so excited for all of you! (and for us, too!) Can’t wait to meet her! She is beautiful and looks right at home in your arms.

  3. Renee

    It just amazes me to realize that she’s been waiting for you, too!

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