Rachel Update

I got a minute at the computer to write more while Suhui plays with Baba. She laid down with me briefly, but she never would go to sleep. She usually has a nap in the afternoon, but I guess this is just too much excitement. She keeps all of the toys we have given her very close. She had to move them all to the bed with us when we laid down.

We have gradually peeled the layers of clothes off throughout the afternoon. For those of you who don’t know, the Chinese bundle there children with many layers of clothes. She had on a large coat, two thick sweaters, and an undershirt. She had on four pairs of pants. Two pairs were very thick, one lined with fleece. Two pairs of socks.

She went over to the clothes we brought for her and wanted to put on a night gown, so we put it on. Then later she wanted to take a bath. She had a great time playing in the bubbles and water. She did not like me washing her hair. She has a scar on her chest several inches long from her heart surgery.

She is a very giggly little girl. Loves to laugh.

The orphanage director and her teacher seemed to care for her very much.

She is sitting in bed with Tommy gnawing on another chicken bone. Poor girl. She knows how to get every piece of meat off of the bone.

Here are some more photos.

This is Suhui with our guide Zoe. Zoe has been fantastic!

Her teacher got her to show us how she could write her numbers.

Above Suhui wanted to put on her backpack before we left. She seemed ready to go with us.

This is the orphanage director with Suhui. He seemed very eager to keep in touch with us and hear how Suhui is doing and wants us to send photos of her.

Here is Suhui chilling out in the van on the way back to the hotel.

She wanted me to put barrettes in her hair when I showed her the ones we brought for her.

She loves the computer!

She likes to look at herself in the mirror wearing the sunglasses I brought for her. She likes to wear my glasses and Tommy’s also and look in the mirror.

I will post more later. I just wanted to get some more photos up. Tommy and Caleb have gone to the market to get some food. I need to spend some time with this little girl.

Eli and Titus, I can hardly wait for you to meet Rachel! We’ll try to talk to you on Skype later!



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16 responses to “Rachel Update

  1. Linda/Robert

    WOW!! How wonderful!! I am glad that she has been prepared for your arrival and that she seems to be so excited about leaving with you. I know it has to be soothing to you that they want to make sure you know how to take care of her and seem to care so much for her. How is Caleb? Does she want to have much to do with him? I can’t believe it has really happened. I am glad that the transition has been good. Thank you for keeping us updated. Hugs and kisses to all, Linda

  2. Mandy

    I could not wait to check the blog for pictures this morning! I dreamed about you guys. One weird thing I dreamed is that I was going to get Rachel a cup of water – I kept filling the cup and pouring it out because I wasn’t sure what temperature she would want it. Isn’t that kind of strange that I dreamed that??? I am sooooo happy for you all and it does sound like Rachel was so prepared. She looks so happy. Seeing pictures of you all with your little girl/sister is amazing. I know she will be ready to meet her other wonderful brothers. I can’t stop smiling for you all. Praise God!!!

  3. I should be getting ready for work but I HAD to check in for pictures. I’m sitting here crying because I’m so happy for you guys! She’s YOURS and you can see it all over her face! The wait has obviously been SO worth it!

    I love you guys! Congratulations on the addition to your family!

  4. I’m thrilled beyond words for y’all! Very cool! Thanks for all the descriptive information and tons of photos. We hope the trip – and the adjustment – continue to go well. Please keep us updated as you have time!

  5. Angie

    Thrilled! I’m just thrilled!

    I think Rachel’s personality seems perfect for fitting in with the Stewart family… she’ll have to use some of that moxy to make herself known among her 3 big brothers! πŸ™‚

    I’ll say, she could’ve used all those layers of clothes this morning in Starkville… woke to a hefty frost!

    And you say she loves time on the computer… she IS her father’s daughter!;-)

    Can’t wait for the boys to wake so we can read all this together… Good morning and good night!

  6. Sarah Floyd

    I am so excited for you guys! What a blessing for Rachel to be part of your family! Still praying for things to continue to go smoothly!

  7. J D

    Beautiful pictures… how sweet and precious.

  8. Jennifer

    So good to see your pictures and the update. That’s the first thing I checked this morning! It sounds like she has been expecting you and is very excited about coming to America with you – that’s wonderful!

  9. Mom

    So exciting! I can hardly concentrate on work. It is just like having a new grandchild. I did not expect to feel quiet this way. Can’t wait for ya’ll to get home.

  10. Angie


  11. Kim

    GREAT pictures…a perfect fit just like God ordered…as I read I just want to hear more and more…about her and her reaction and about the interaction between Caleb, you, and Tommy…the new words she is learning…etc…etc…it’s like not being able to put down a good book or turn off a good tv show…we just want more and more…:)

  12. I can’t seem to look at the pictures often enough! I’m so happy for you and for Rachel. I’ve got to stop crying soon as I am supposed to be working! Love, Susan

  13. Sweet pictures, we have also thought about adopting as well. She as well as you all will be in my prayers.


  14. Christy

    The wonder of it all! Eating up all the pics and beautiful, emotion-filled words!!! Still seems like a dream to me though.

  15. Janie

    She is beautiful. Congratulations! We are waiting to travel to bring our almost 4 year old little girl home now. She also had heart surgery in China.
    Thanks for sharing your story with us.
    (in Mississippi)

  16. Amy

    I love getting a glimpse into all this hoopla!! So excited for you all – tears of joy are falling.

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