So Much Love!

Tommy and I are both up at our usual 2:30/3:00am here in China. So I thought I’d post some more info for our friends in the US. It is much easier to post without Rachel hollering “Mama” every few minutes and wanting to sit in my lap and bang on the computer! 🙂 You are all so sweet wanting to know every detail of our adventure! We can’t wait for all of you to meet Rachel! She is quite a little girl!

Yesterday afternoon Tommy and Caleb went to Carrefour to shop some more. Tommy had his first Chinese potty training experience. I had read about the split pants that the Chinese put on their children, but Tommy had not heard about them. Their clothes are split open down the backside to make potty training easier. At Carrefour Tommy saw one little boy all bundled up in thick padded clothing, of course, but then his bottom was showing through the split in his pants. Tommy was shocked as this was his first experience with split pants. Then he saw a mom and dad holding their little girl over the trash can while she peed! 🙂 Very interesting!

It was much too hard to shop with Rachel. She wanted EVERYTHING! She picked out a ladies’ necklace and put it on and refused to take it off. We didn’t quite know what to do. Tommy asked our guide, and she said, “I think you tell her ‘NO’.” So we pried it away from her while she was crying and people are staring and told her that we would let her pick out something else. She constantly grabbed things and cried when we wouldn’t let her get them. Then Tommy wisely asked our guide to ask her if she had ever been shopping with her foster family. Rachel said “no”, so that explains it. It was all a new experience for her. We did get her a package of yoghourt drinks that she pointed to. She drank several of them yesterday afternoon and kept trying to give one to me and Tommy. We also let her get a large bottle of gum and a package of candy. I don’t know if she’s ever had gum before, but she knew what to do with it. She chewed it constantly all afternoon. She kept giving Tommy and me pieces of her candy. We decided that after she fell asleep we needed to hide the gum and candy.

Her teacher told us not to let her eat too much food at one time because it is not good for her. We haven’t figured out how to keep her from eating. She acts like she’s starving. She cleaned several pieces of KFC chicken to the bone at lunch and then later she had some for a snack.

Last night I walked several blocks to Pizza Hut and ordered their “American pizza,” cheese and pepperoni(or some version of pepperoni). I really enjoyed walking in downtown Wuhan. There were many people out walking also. In Beijing, of course, there were many other foreigners. But here in Wuhan, we saw one other non-Asian person in the airport. On the streets we have not seen any. So we draw quite a few stares.

All of these new experiences make me think about how Rachel will feel when she comes home. All new foods and smells. She will look different from everyone else. And no one will speak her language. It’s a pretty overwhelming experience for us! So I think about how it will be for her.

Our guides in both Beijing and Wuhan have warned us to be careful walking because of the traffic. The traffic is very busy in both places. And they DO NOT stop for pedestrians, so we have to be very careful crossing the road. They drive differently than we do. Our guide in Beijing said that traffic lights are not the law, merely a suggestion. We have had very good drivers in both cities, so we have not experienced the scary rides that some other families have shared.

Another interesting thing about China is that the water is not safe to drink. The hotels provide bottled water and a pitcher to boil water in. The hotels are so very nice that it is easy to forget. It doesn’t look like a place where the water would be unsafe. It is especially hard brushing our teeth because we want to use the tap water out of habit. I accidentally rinsed my mouth out with some without thinking. I have put a towel over the sink to help me remember not to drink.

Suhui was going strong all day yesterday. She enjoyed throwing the football in our room with Caleb and Tommy, blowing bubbles with Caleb, playing Polly Pockets with me, feeding her baby a bottle, coloring, and writing on her MagnaDoodle, and EATING. And all day long she would holler “BABA!” or “MAMA!” and say “Kan shu!” (Come look!) Whenever one of us was gone, she would occasionally ask “Baba?” or “Mama?” Then when we came to the hotel door, she ran to the door hollering and very excited. When I got back from Pizza Hut last night, she would hardly let me get away from her. She kept wanting me to pick her up, and then she would give me a big hug and kiss. So sweet!

Linda, I don’t think we have to worry about her not being very girly! She loves feeding and caring for her baby and loves all her new clothes!

When we were getting ready for bed, she brushed her teeth with me and had to do everything I did, except she spit in the toilet! 🙂

Then when I told her it was bedtime she said, “Shui jiao le” (It’s bedtime) over and over. She gets worried every time we try to do anything with her toys. But I told her in Chinese that it was time to pick up toys, and she helped me. Then she got her “Wawa’s” (babies), her dolls and stuffed bear. In the bed she insisted on covering me up so I wouldn’t get cold, she said. Then she gave me the stuffed bear and said “Ni de wawa” (your baby). She is quite a snuggler. Reminds me of Titus. She gave me lots of hugs and kisses while we were lying in bed. She put her arm over me and rubbed my back. And she kept snuggling up against my neck. Of course, I am LOVING every minute of this! It took her a while to settle down. She kept remembering things she needed to get, such as her sunglasses and a few books and her slinky(which she thinks is hilarious!).

She was more and more affectionate to Tommy and me as the afternoon went on until she was giving us LOTS of hugs and kisses. We are loving every minute of it. Earlier our guide tried to get her to say “Wo ai ni, Baba.” ( I love you, Daddy.) And she wouldn’t. We would tell her “Wo ai ni” whenever she would sit in our laps or snuggle with us. Finally, she said it to me. Then later to Tommy. Then she would just spontaneouly kiss us and say “Wo ai ni”. It is just amazing how much love she seems to have to give!

This afternoon she called me “Mei guo Mama” (American mama).

Several things to pray about. Caleb was not feeling good last night. We are worried that he may be getting sick. Or he may just be tired, and I think this is all overwhelming to him. I know it is to us! He’s pretty nervous when we go out. So please pray that he will not get sick. He’s been GREAT with Rachel!

Also, Rachel has a very runny nose and rough-sounding cough. She has bumps on her neck that we have decided are scabies(lots of the children have them). Problem is I forgot to check and see if the doctor called in the scabies med to our pharmacy before I left. Hopefully, I can borrow some from another mom when we get to Guangzhou (Erica? Rebecca?). We have medical appointments for Rachel the Monday after we get home on Thursday. So we can get all of this checked out then.

Something funny. Caleb has been pretty shy when we are around other people. Of course, they are all interested in him and his blonde hair and different appearance. Many people have told us he’s very handsome. Suhui’s teacher tried to talk to him, but our guide told her he was a little shy. The teacher laughed and said, “Suhui is VERY DIFFERENT!”

This afternoon after our shopping experience our guide told me that she has been working with adoptive families for three years and that she’s never seen a child like Suhui. Most of the children are understandably frightened and cry a lot.

Our guide also told me that Suhui’s teacher said that she doesn’t know what she’s going to do without her that she is always talking loudly and moving around in the classroom. A paper we received about her daily habits said that she is very outgoing and all of the students like her.

We signed a paper yesterday allowing us to take Suhui for 24 hours. Tomorrow morning we go to finish our paperwork and let them know whether or not we want to adopt her. As if! I believe after we finish the paperwork tomorrow she will officially be OURS!!!

I better try to sleep some more. We love all of you and are so grateful for your prayers and love for us and Suhui!



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13 responses to “So Much Love!

  1. I am so thrilled that she is such a loving little girl. Can’t wait to see her! Hope Caleb feels better soon. Love, Susan

  2. Thanks for the updates…it is almost like we are there with you.

  3. Eddie

    Thanks for the details. I’ve gotten chills reading along. Hope Caleb is feeling better and is enjoying it all. You guys take care!

  4. Sarah

    It sounds like she is falling in love with her new family! It does my heart good to read about what a sweet little addition Rachel has made to your family!

  5. Amy

    This may sound crazy but in one of the pictures she favors Eli to me.

  6. Andrea

    Thankyou so much for sharing your experiences and pics. It is so awesome to see how God directs our paths and to see how you guys have found your daughter. 🙂 Have a safe journey home and we will look forward to seeing all 6 of you in one place soon!

  7. Kim

    Praying Caleb up….and everyone else to get you all back to us safely…Question…how do you pronounce her Chinese name? Hurry home…love ya:)

  8. Linda/Robert

    Dearest Caleb, I am afraid Robert went to sleep before he could send you a note. We did not have time for me to read the messages this moring before school, but he did keep looking at all of the pictures over and over. Tonight I told him he had to take his shower and get his homework done before we could read. He was so excited!! But he only made it to the point where Suhui was giving many hugs and kisses. He misses you very much, Caleb. He keeps asking how many days till you are home. Thank you, Caleb, for being such a good friend to Robert. I love you, Linda

    Dearest Sister, Isn’t it wonderful having a daughter!! Can you believe we have something else in common. I really haven’t thought about how you have 3 boy and then a girl, and I have 4 girls and then a boy. We are alike but different. I can not tell you how many times I have checked your sight sinse you have left. I am just so hungry for more information, but I keep wanting to tell you not to worry about all of us but to enjoy the moment. So, if I do not hear from you again until you get home and if I do survive, I will still love you!!! I do thank you, Kim, for sharing this special private time openly for all. Now dear friend take care of yourself!!! Save a little energy so we can sit up all night when you get home and laugh, pray, cry, play games, shoot fireworks, or something!!! I am so anxious to have Rachel in the flesh to love. She is the perfect fit! God is good like that isn’t He!?! I love you, all. With many hugs and kisses, Linda

  9. Christy

    Okay, I am tired and overwhelmed just reading this. Sounds like you need some Red Bull to keep up with her!!! Praying for her ongoing adjustment, rest and peace for you and Tommy, release from anxiety and illness for Caleb. Love you!

  10. Renee

    Praying for all of you! (the boys at home, too!) I was just thinking how fortunate for her to be old enough to tell you how she’s feeling. And wondering how in the world the foolish question, “WHY do you want to adopt her??” Is “because we love her” answer enough?

  11. Renee

    *how in the world you answer

  12. Janie

    We took our 6 and 8 year olds with us and it was very hard. I know there were several days that they wished they were at home, but it forever changed them. They still talk about it all the time and they are now 13 and 11.
    Guangzhou will be much eaiser. Hang in there.

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