Some Photos

Suhui playing in the bathtub the afternoon of Gotcha Day

Suhui and Baba eating Pizza Hut pizza. She didn’t know how to eat the pizza. She used a fork to pull off the toppings.

Mama and Suhui putting on make-up

This is at the place where we filled out paperwork on Tuesday. The orphanage director was great with Suhui, laughing and playing with her. She was afraid to go to him because she was afraid that he would take her away. But she did laugh and play with him across the table. She kept throwing her toys across for him to see. She had fun til it got a little out of hand–she started throwing handfuls of toys–and we made her stop.

Our guide took this one right after we finished paperwork. It’s official!!! She’s ours!

Mama and Suhui napping

Suhui likes to sleep all bundled up until she’s sweating.

Someone asked about her sizes. She is larger than we thought she would be. I don’t know if the measurements we received were inaccurate or if she has grown that much. She is pretty close to Titus’ size, maybe a little skinnier. Some of the 3T clothes I brought for her fit but some do not. Only two pairs of pants I brought fit, so last night we went shopping.

When we were getting ready to go, I explained to Suhui in Chinese that we were all going to go eat. She seemed to understand and kept saying “Qu chi fan” which is “go eat”. But when we tried to put her in the stroller she melted. We wrestled with her for a while because McDonalds is several blocks away, and she is pretty heavy to carry. Then Tommy decided that she didn’t understand, that maybe she thought we were going to leave her. We could not remember how to say “We will not leave you.” So I looked it up online. Then I explained to her that we were going to eat and that Baba wouldn’t leave her and Mama wouldn’t leave her. I asked her “Okay?” And she nodded and stopped crying. We tried to put her in the stroller again, and she started crying again. So we stopped to pray because we were both getting pretty frustrated by now. Then when we explained to her again that we were going to eat and we would not leave her, she got in the stroller.

I am very sad though because she took the baby doll that I gave her on Gotcha Day and apparently dropped it somewhere along the way. We looked for it on the way back, but it is gone.

We walked to McDonalds to eat first. It was a little taste of home. The KFC chicken is  more spicy than home, and besides the bucket of chicken they have strange-looking things on the menu. Tommy and I got quarter pounders. They were pretty good. A little different with cucumber slices and some slightly spicy sauce. Suhui did not know what to do with a hamburger. She took it apart, but she only ate a bite of the bun. She likes french fries though.

Then we went to a department store. I took Suhui to shop for some pants while Tommy and Caleb looked at electronic games and toys on the same floor. This store was seven floors. I found Suhui two pairs of pants and then we bought her some tennis shoes. The shoes she came to us in are cute little metallic gold boots with big flowers on them.  The sales lady showed us some pink tennis shoes that light up when you walk. Suhui loved those and wore them out of the store. She told everyone we saw “Ni kan” (You look) and showed them her shoes.

While we were shopping I mistakenly left Suhui with Tommy and Caleb in the toys while I went to pay for some clothes. We had passed some Teletubbies, and so she had been crying for one. But she wants everything she sees. So we told her that she could pick out a toy. The sales lady showed her some transformer toy.  I don’t know what made her think a little girl would like that. But of course Suhui wanted it once she saw it. In this store they write a receipt for what you want to buy, then you take it to a cashier to pay. Then you bring back the receipt stamped showing that you paid, and they give you your item. Tommy went to pay for the Transformer, and Suhui and I walked around in the toys. Because she was holding the toy, I didn’t want to leave this section til we paid for it. Another sales lady handed her a Hello Kitty telephone. So then Suhui wants that. She starts screaming for that. She already has two Disney princess telephones in the hotel room. So I wrestle the phone away from her. She screams the rest of the time until we leave the store. Tommy said when we left, “I don’t think we can take her toy shopping.”

Poor Caleb! One of his feet was hurting pretty bad. But we had to walk back several blocks to our hotel. He did get a cool remote control car at the toy department.

Our hotel is extremely nice. The service is excellent too. Our room is a wreck pretty much all the time with clothes and toys everywhere. When they clean it they even pick up all of our clothes laying around and fold them and put everything away neatly. I could get used to this. Maybe I need to bring one of them home with me. 🙂

Today we go to visit the orphanage. Our guide said that she would make sure that she explained to Suhui what we are doing. But I am sure it will still be a frightening for her. Hopefully, we will also get to see her finding spot.

Thanks everyone for all of the encouragement!

Eli and Caleb, we love you and can’t wait to talk to you on Skype in just a bit!



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5 responses to “Some Photos

  1. I am LOVING the pictures! I’ll pray that God let’s you encounter more folks who speak English – I think that would probably help the frustration level.

    I really can’t wait to see you! On Sunday Jadyn wore one of her Chinese outfits to church. When we told her it came from China, she said, “Like Rachel? Uncle Tommy go to China to get Rachel!” I think she’ll kind of understand when we go see you guys at the airport.

    Miss you, love you, thrilled out of my head for you!

  2. Eddie

    Thanks, thanks, thanks for all the details. Hope today’s visit goes well. The pictures are awesome. Tell Caleb to hang in there. We love and are praying for you all.

  3. I am happy for you and happpy for her… I feel bad for you and I feel bad for her… this is a real adventure for all of you – one that will affect a lot of people in a lot of places. Thank you for sharing with us!

  4. She is so precious, and I’m so sorry about the doll that she dropped. yay!

    Thanks for sharing all the details. It’s heartwarming and heart wrenching all at once. Can’t imagine how you are feeling.


  5. Linda/Robert

    I love the bathtub. I could enjoy taking a dip in it, but I think I could pass on that lovely mirror over it that shows every detail!! It was wonderful getting to talk with you today. Sorry about getting the time thing mixed up. I want you to be 10 hours ahead of us, but you are 14 hours behind us. I think!! It really doesn’ t matter. I prayed for you all multiple times today, so we were probably praying at the same time at some point of the day! I was just teasing about the exercising today. I know that you have been doinga great deal of walking, doing just a little wrestling, and your legs seemed to be getting a great deal of weight work (at least during the few minutes we were together). Sometimes life is funny!! I am wishing I could be there, and you are wishing you were here. Isn’t the grass always greener on the other side of the fence!?! Keep looking up, and use each other to be God in the flesh. Sometimes it feels good to feel His arms around us whether they are big or little. God is good and made this perfect match. He will see you through. Angie said today that this was a perfect match, but you were just experiencing a few rough patches. I could not quit laughing. You two especially know of the “few rough patches” going on with my children! (By the way keep praying on these patches) I guess I have to break the news to you. The rough patches don’t go away!!! They only change. Sitting here thinking a minute, I don’t believe there is one of my childrens patches that you two have not had an impact on. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Now it is pay back time. I can not wait to get started.(I guess I don’t have to worry about changing the movie I am going to to keep an eye on her any time soon!!) Hugs and Kisses to all, Linda

    P.S. Tommy every day I mean to ask how the coffee is. It was quit taste at you place today!!

    Dearest Caleb, Have you built any ramps yet for your new car? You need to. Have you gone on adventures in the hotel? Let me tell you a few we have done with our girls (did you notice I said girls? don’t let Robert know about these things!!) We would go out late at night when everyone else was in the bed and should have been and ride on the elevators, slide down the banisters, check out each floor (it might take you a few days), fish out pennies to rethrow back into the fountains, roll down the inclined places… Juan just came in and is having fits. She said that I did not let them do these things. I started reminding her of the different places where we did do these things. Sometimes you just have to be creative, and you know I am not. I think you should try driving your car down some of the stairs. It could be fun!! It was great seeing you today. Robert keeps reminding me of how many days are left till you get home. I can’t wait till you tell me about everything on the 26th!! Will you go with me to get Robert that afternoon? I love you, Caleb, and can not wait to get all of you kisses!! Be sure to tell your Mom that I did give Titus and Eli many hugs and kisses for her today. I don’t think they liked them as well as hers. I will be talking with you again soon!! Love you, Linda

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