I am loving and appreciating all of the comments so very much! Thank you!

Linda, you asked what we drink with our meals. The Chinese drink hot tea. They also drink hot water. Very strange to us. But they usually ask for sodas for us to drink. Yesterday at the meal I had a Sprite, and Suhui wanted some. She has been drinking Sprite in the room. Our guide, driver, and the director all told her “no” that it was too cold. They really do not believe it is good for you to drink cold things especially children.

I had heard how the Chinese bundle their babies and that the older women will fuss at you if you don’t have the child in enough clothes (3-4 layers!). But I did notice our guide looked under Suhui’s jeans on Day 2 to see if she had anything under them. She didn’t seem to approve commenting to the driver on it. She’s in her 20s, so these ideas seem to pervade the culture. We think it is funny that they have the infants and toddlers so bundled up that they can hardly move, but then their little bottoms are exposed to the cold because of the split pants. 🙂 Yesterday Suhui wanted to dress herself, and she put on two pairs of pants. She first put on a knit pair. Then she had to have her socks so that she could tuck the pants into her socks. Then she put on a pair of jeans.

It is kind of funny when she gets frustrated trying to communicate with us. I know it must be hard for her though. Sometimes when she is repeating something over and over, I tell her in Chinese, “Sorry, I don’t understand.” Then she will yell it saying each word slowly, or sometimes she will put her mouth to my ear saying it loudly and slowly.

I have decided to spend a few minutes everyday telling her in Chinese: “We love you. Mama loves you. Baba loves you. We are very happy to have you in our family. We are very happy to have you as our daughter. We are your forever family now. We will not leave you. You are safe with us.” I ask her “Okay?’ and she nods. I hope it is starting to slowly sink in that we are her forever family.

She reminds me of Titus in so many ways. She is very energetic like him, she loves candy and loves to sneak a snack, she loves to snuggle, and she is delightful as long as she gets her way. 🙂

Yesterday Tommy and Caleb went to play some more games, pingpong, pool, while Suhui and I napped. Then later Caleb and I went to the exercise room. It was nice to relieve some stress there, and Caleb had a ball. When we got back to the room about 6pm, I was exhausted. I laid down and went to sleep. Tommy was great taking over Rachel for the evening. He took Caleb and Rachel to eat at a restaurant in the hotel. He brought me back a nasty hamburger. The meat tasted awful! I could hardly swallow the one bite I took. Besides waking up briefly when they got back and waking up to get in bed with Rachel because she was crying, I slept til 5am. We are pretty much getting a good amount of sleep even with waking up early. We’ve been going to bed early than we are used to. But this is more emotionally draining than it is anything else.

Pray for Caleb. I am afraid that he is getting a cold. He had a sore throat yesterday. And I just now had to give him some decongestant because he could hardly breathe.

We do not have anything to do this morning. The first morning we haven’t had to be somewhere. This afternoon we are going to the Provincial Museum. It is supposed to be one of the best museums in China.

Tomorrow morning we go to visit the Yellow Crane Tower. It is a very famous site in Wuhan. We will pick up Suhui’s Chinese passport at some point. In the afternoon we are going to the airport to fly to Guangzhou. I am ready to go. There will be many other adoptive families from the US there at our hotel. I am excited to see our friends Aaron and Erica and their new little Clara!

Eli and Titus, we love you so much and can hardly wait to see you and give you lots of hugs and kisses! When you wake up in the morning it will be one week until we are home!



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6 responses to “Update

  1. Let her wear all the clothes she wants – the day will come that you will be fighting over how little she wants to wear!!! 🙂

  2. Linda/Robert

    Dearest Caleb, Robert wanted me to read to him, but I think your football game and wrestling match wore him out. He went to sleep while I was reading to him. Thank you for playing with him tonight/today. He really misses you. Tonight he said that he could not wait for all of you to get home but especially you. Maybe tomorrow night he will get to write to you. I love you, Caleb, and can’t wait til I can get caught up on my hugs and kisses!! Talk with you later. Linda

    Tommy, I made sure to really enjoy your coffee tonight!! Angie and I did think of you, and we even mentioned what a shame it was that you couldn’t have one with us!!

    When are you planning on calling Suhui, Rachel? Are you planning on waiting til you get home or are you calling her that some now? I was not thinking tonight and called her Rachel. Sorry. The boys were hilarious tonight. Robert had a great time! He told me after we left your house that he wanted to go and stay at a hotel in Starkville sometime. I aked him why? He said that he liked staying in them. He was looking at the one on 182 just down from Montgomery Street. I promised him that he would never stay there!!! He wants to because Caleb is, and it seems like fun. He enjoyed telling ones tonight about Caleb’s joking about me pulling his hair. It is surprising how much it has grown out. I am afraid that I am going to have to keep my therapy session short tonight. I am suddenly feeling the need for sleep. I think you know the feeling pretty well. I love you all and send many hugs and kisses, Linda

    • Linda, We are calling her Rachel Suhui some. We told her her American name is Rachel Suhui. Our guide also explained it to her, and she nodded in agreement.

      So sorry that Caleb is having such a hard time with Robert’s “visits”. He seems to have a great time talking to him and Titus on Skype, but then when he is through, he gets sad and wants to go home.

      I am hoping that there will be more for us to do in Guangzhou. When we are out-and-about, it seems to help him some. Although he does get very nervous being in crowded places. I think he is afraid that we will lose him. One of us always tries to hold his hand. And we tell him that we aren’t going to let him get lost.

      Thank you so much for all of your sympathy and encouragement! I love you so much and can’t wait for Rachel to meet her 2nd Mama!

  3. Pilgrim

    Thank you for using your energy to tell us all about your days. I am thankful for all the good news, and I continue to pray for you.

  4. Martha

    Stewart Family… We miss you all and have been praying you through this journey. We cannot wait for your arrival in the US. May your travels be safe and the love that binds you continue to grow. We have truly enjoyed reading your updates and prayers requests. Thank you for the glimpse into your hearts.

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