One more day in Wuhan

This afternoon we will fly to Guangzhou. I am looking forward to meeting up with the Hammonds and to the warmer weather and to being on the last leg of our journey.

Yesterday Rachel and I stayed in during the morning while Tommy and Caleb went shopping for another remote control car since Rachel broke the first one we brought. We have to be careful what we let her have. She breaks so many things that we let her play with. 🙂 Tommy and Caleb bought two remote control cars, and they raced them in the halls of the hotel!

In the afternoon we went to the Provincial Museum. It was quite fascinating to me but hard to look too much with trying to keep Rachel under control. She was very loud and kept banging her bottle of gum on things. So we took the gum away which of course led to a tantrum. Our poor guide is young with no children and doesn’t quite know how to handle this. She helped as much as she can by distracting Rachel so that we could look around. She also threw a tantrum because I would not carry her. She is quite heavy and wants me only (not Baba) to carry her all of the time now. I carry her sometimes especially whenever there are things she’s afraid of like the escalator. But other times I have started telling her she can hold my hand or ride in a stroller or Baba can carry her. She usally doesn’t like any of those options and throws another tantrum.

At the Provincial Museum we saw the contents of a tomb that was over 2000 years old. Hard to comprehend! It was amazing how many beautifully decorated items there were and to think of how people made these so long ago. We also saw pottery and bronze items from different periods of China’s history. Our guide told me that her favorite china was not very old from the 1600s. Not very old! It’s older than anything we have in the US.

In the tomb there was this elaborate set of bells and other instruments. We were able to hear a performance on a replica of the bells and instruments from the time. It was fascinating! Suhui seemed to enjoy the music. She frequently sings and dances to the music on the children’s channel on tv. She also sings along to the songs played in the stores.

Next we had to go to pick up some papers at a notary’s office. While we were there, Tommy and Caleb went across the street to get us some food from McDonald’s. Tommy got BigMacs for he and I. This tasted just like home! More so than the Quarter Pounders we had earlier.

Last night we ate at a restaurant in the hotel again. There was a buffet with many different dishes, including “bullfrog with vegetables”. Suhui pointed to some chicken that she wanted. I got her an unidentifiable (at the time) piece. When we got back to the table, she began gnawing on it. She kept spitting out little pieces of bone and handing them to me. Finally, she gave up on the chicken and handed it to me. That’s when I recognized that it was a CHICKEN HEAD complete with a big beak!!! Yuck!!! My baby was gnawing on a chicken head!!!

There were many desserts to choose from and also a cart with different kinds of ice cream. I scooped some ice cream and then realized that it was vanilla with red beans–very interesting! They also had raisin ice cream and taro ice cream. The strawberry was pretty good.

We did read in our guide book that China’s diet is considered a “famine diet”. Because there are so many people and relatively little land to produce food on, they have learned to use things that we would not consider eating, including every part of animals and animals that people in other places do not eat. It makes for interesting meal experiences.

Suhui has continued to want me more and more and will have little to do with Tommy. From reading other blogs, I believe that this is somewhat normal to bond more closely with one parent at first even to the point of rejecting the other. Tommy is trying really hard to connect with her so that I can have a break. She quite literally wants to be on top of me 24 hours a day. I try to snuggle and hold her as much as I can. But sometimes I need a break. At those times I tell her that she can sit beside me. She is getting better and better about coloring or watching tv close by without getting upset.

We really are not sure how to handle disciplining her. She wants everything her way and throws a tantrum if she doesn’t get it. Of course, we try to let her have what she wants within reason. I am thinking that it will be easier once we get home, and we have more of a routine.

Now for photos!

This is a photo of Rachel Suhui napping on Wednesday afternoon.

Here she is wearing Caleb’s baseball cap. She looked at herself in the mirror and laughed.

Here she is after she disappeared for a few minutes in the bathroom with a marker!

Caleb and Rachel walking to the museum

This  is from the musical performance we saw. In the back you can see a replica of the 2000+ year old bells. You can’t see to good

, but at the bottom there are some huge bells.

Some dancers at the performance

Ready for bed!

Caleb began running a low fever last night. Prayers would be great. He is already having such a hard time. We really need him to feel better. Also, we are going to take a break from Skyping for at least a day or two. Caleb really enjoys talking to his brothers and his best buddy Robert, but afterwards it seems to make him even sadder and more homesick.

You do not know how much I appreciate all of the comments and encouragement! This blog has sort of been my outlet the past few days. And it is something I can do while everyone is still asleep.

Just want to let everyone know that we still very strongly believe that God brought this little girl to us. Like Linda keeps reminding me, there’s always an adjustment period with every new child. I just think it’s much easier to go through the adjustment period in a familiar setting–HOME! But we have less than a week til we will be there!

Eli and Titus, we will miss talking to you today but know that we love you and miss you and cannot wait to be home with you! You can e-mail us if you have anything important to tell us.

Ooops! Just realized after I posted this that Tommy blogged last night. Sorry for the repeat of a lot of info!



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5 responses to “One more day in Wuhan

  1. Sarah

    Did you get pictures of the chicken head? That is awesome! I love her make-over! Hee hee!

  2. Mandy

    Thanks for sharing your experience! I am thinking about and praying for you all so much and it is so cool to get to keep up with you like this. I sure hope Caleb gets to feeling better. I think you guys are so amazing! I know you are ready to be home…not much longer. We love your family and are excited for you, but I don’t know if I can handle any more stories of chicken heads and FROGS! You know how I feel about those things!

  3. Andrea

    You guys are having so many interesting experiences that are challenging, but also memorable and it will be fun to look back on later in time. 🙂 It is so incredible to see how gracefully you guys are dealing with ups and downs. Rachel’s spirit is so strong and as others have mentioned you can see it in pics. Communication and discipline will get easier over time and I think you guys are doing a fabulous job with everything. Take care and safe traveling.

  4. Kim

    It doesn’t matter how many versions of the same day…they are all enjoyable to read…praying up Caleb to feel better…glad you will get a change of scenery and to see others that you know who may be going through the same challenges…:) Can’t wait for you to get back…love ya

  5. Linda/Robert

    It is hilarious hearing two versions…the Mom’s version and the Dad’s version. It is like watching Father of the Bride II. The mom is watching all the moms and their babies walking down the street and just smiles, while the dad watches out his window at the dads and their babies and has this horrible frown on his face!! Kim, you tell about the different interesting things you see in the museum and how Rachel did not do her best, while Tommy tells of how bad Rachel was!! Sorry, Tommy!! If it makes you feel any better, Bobby is the same way!

    Well, 1 more day!! You can endure anything for 24 hours! Think of the first day of camp!!! Today you have several things to keep you busy which will make the time go by fast for everyone including Caleb. I have been praying for him and will continue to do so. Tomorrow (Friday the 16th) Bobby and I will be traveling to Greenville for Trey’s grandfather’s funeral, so I will not get to check in quite as much. Kim, I can not begin to tell you how very much I miss you!! I feel like Robert about Caleb. I wish you were here NOW! I hope everyone enjoys the move, the plane ride, the change in scenery, the sound of English, familar faces, and the knowledge that you are getting closer to home!! I hope Caleb gets to swim!! Hugs and kisses to all, Linda

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