More Throughts

I keep remembering things that I mean to post.

M&M’s: We have a drawer full of snacks that we brought in our hotel room. Rachel helps herself to snacks from this drawer quite often. Apparently, the M&M package wasn’t too appealing because she had not eaten any. I opened the package and showed them to her. She tasted them. Then she went to the snack draw, took out all of the packages of M&Ms, and put them in her backpack. ๐Ÿ™‚

Gum: This girl loves her some chewing gum! She usually has a container of gum in her hand. Baba and I think that 15-20 pieces of gum a day are plenty. Suhui disagrees! Usually quite loudly. The other day I caught her hiding her gum in the nightstand. There are not enough hiding places in the hotel room. No matter where we hide it, she finds it.

Something sweet: On Day 2ย  the day we went back to do paperwork, and she was afraid we were taking her back, she and I were playing and snuggling in the afternoon. All day on Day 1 she told Tommy and me “Wo ai ni.”(I love you.) This day she said, “Wo ai ni. Mama, ni ai wo.” (I love you. Mama, you love me.) I assured her that yes, I do love her.

She likes to spit on the floor.

She likes to take her chewing gum out of her mouth and stick it on things, such as the elevator wall, and then put it back in her mouth before we can stop her. YUCK!

She burps often and loudly and thinks it is hilarious. We are trying to ignore this behavior hoping it will go away.

She loves to read books and repeat everything I say.

At the hotel breakfast buffet every morning, we get to be sidekicks in the Suhui Show. We get lots of people staring at us throughout our meal. Partially I’m sure because we are Americans. But Suhui’s three volumes probably have a lot to do with it: talking loudly, yelling, and screeching! She seems to know when she has an audience and puts on quite a performance for the onlookers.

One of the books we brought is an adoption story. We showed her the airplane in the book. Today we have been telling her in Chinese that we are going on an airplane. She keeps saying, “Wo men qu fei ji.” (We are going on airplane.”

That’s all for now. Next update from Guangzhou!



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12 responses to “More Throughts

  1. Eddie

    Tell Tommy my heart kinda aches for him, but that I firmly believe that every daddy needs a daughter, and now he has one! She’ll come around and come to love him more than all of us do. I hope that Caleb gets better physically, but moreso, enjoys the rest of the trip. Homesickness sucks…I speak from experience (even if it was only Boy Scout camp many moons ago). You guys keep blogging, as I am loving it! Keep your chins up. And you’re right. God has brought her to you. Godspeed on your trip through the next week and on home.

  2. Linda/Robert

    Oh, my!! She sounds like she belongs to me. I am afraid we will not be a good influence on her. Ethan and gum what a combo!!! I am still finding paper every, and he has been gone 4 days! And about the burping, well, I guess I am the only member of my family that she can ever be around. Sorry! I can see Robert changing 50 shades of red before he can hold it no more and falls in the floor laughing about her burping. As far as being loud, yelling, and then screeching, I am afraid that I just got knocked out of getting to be around her. I am the loudest of my family. Hallie has decided that she does not need a nap any more (she turned 3 this week). She will pick out a movie and lay down with Ethan to watch the movie. Ethan will go to sleep, and I tell Hallie to just lay down and rest. About 10 minutes later she is wailing. The other day she kept putting herself to bed and wailing. I kept asking her why and telling her that she was not in trouble for doing anything. She would tell me it was because I put up a book , then because I put her clothes away and she wanted to, because she wanted her moma… Rachel, Robert, and Bobby would make a great team spitting. Two years ago Robert said what he wanted more than anything for his birthday was a spit cup! YUCK!! Kim, you have always had good, mild mannered young men. Please feel free to drop Rachel off over here with us heathens anytime. She would fit in here quit nicely!!! Love to all, Linda

  3. Mom

    Angie is finally going to let me give her a break. I am going to take off this afternoon and have a holiday on Monday, so she is going to go home for the weekend. I am looking forward to being with Eli and Titus but it will seem strange without Caleb. I miss him so and am sorry he is not happy. I have shared the website with some and many have told me how much they are enjoying reading each day. You should make a book of this especially for Suhui. Love to all.

  4. … and who DOESN’T love M&M’s? I even use them to decorate! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Christy

    From Eliza: “Rachel, I love you, and one day I’ll meet you. Mama, I’m a little afraid to meet her (whispering this in my ear). She may be nervous when she gets to her new house. I can teach her how to use the stairs at her house. Caleb, I love you, and you and your brothers are crazy and make me laugh. Mama, she’s (Rachel) pretty.” Now she’s drawing hearts on paper for Caleb and Rahcel.
    From Mary Carsen: “Rachel, I can’t wait to meet you. Caleb, I hope you get better, and I hope you get back safe. ”
    Wo ai ni!!! — Christy

  6. Christy

    Mary Carsen: “I can’t believe these are real pictures of China! I love this dragon! I love all their vases. They’re so pretty. Mama, one day I want to go there. Mama, I want to learn to write Chinese.”
    Mommy: “Rachel can teach you.”
    Mary Carsen: “But, Mama, I can’t even talk to her.”
    Mommy: “You’ll be able to…. I love the pictures of New York. I want to go there first.”
    Mary Carsen: “I don’t. I don’t like it. I want to go to China. I need to play on Ni Hao Kai Lan (website games), so I can learn how to say ‘Happy Chinese New Year!'”

    • Mary Carsen, we can hardly wait for you to meet Rachel Suhui! She is learning English quickly, but maybe she can teach you some Chinese. Maybe you can come to China with us someday. We want to bring Rachel back to visit her country when she is older.

      Eliza, I think you and Rachel will have lots of fun playing together. She likes to play babies and Polly Pocket.

      Christy, I’m already sick of the Polly Pockets (and we only brought a few!). I think we’ve left pieces everywhere we’ve been! We love all of you too!

  7. I am with Terri, every girl loves her some M&M’s

    thanks for sharing these memories…you will treasure them as time goes on.

  8. Kim

    I’m glad you are moving forward on your journey…it means you are that much closer to coming home…and I have to say I enjoy reading the comments almost as much as the blog ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait to see you all!! Love to all of you…even the ones on US soil!

  9. Susan

    Our hearts are with you. We read each day and sit down that moment to pray-we cry and rejoice with you. I know that these are wonderful memories that are being made, even if they are hard at times. I thank you for being so honest on each day. It is one thing that I love about you kim, your heart shows. We look forward to you being home!!

  10. Kim

    I just looked at the new pictures posted from today here…I guess yesterday for you…tell Caleb I loved seeing his smiling face…made me feel good to see him smile…maybe a change of scenary is just what the doctor ordered…looked like the flight went ok…or were the pictures deceiving….;)

  11. Linda/Robert

    I don’t know about you, but I am tired!! I am sure your last couple of days have been long. We were headed out to the delta when we got a call from the school that Robert was sick. He did not ask to go home but was not feeling well, so Ms. Dorreen called. We got him picked and to Mom. He was running a little fever and complaining of his stomach hurting. We just got home from the funeral. He is not running fever now and seems to be feeling better. Maybe he caught it from Caleb, or maybe it was just sympathy pains for Caleb!

    I once again enjoyed the pictures. Did Rachel Suhui enjoy the plane ride? Is the smile on Caleb’s face because the swimming pool is getting closer? How is the place you are staying? Is it a nice as the last one? Was it great to see people who could speak English and to see ones you know? Tommy, I hope you got 10 or 12 cups of coffee while at the airport!! I feel that the time will start going fast for you now. You know kind of like camp. We are on the count down here till you get home. Hugs and Kisses to all, Linda

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