Four Days Til Home!

Went shopping in shops around the hotel yesterday afternoon. Bought many dresses for Rachel Suhui in different sizes for when she is older. The traditional Chinese dresses are so cheap, only $5USD! There are many beautiful kites here. Caleb picked out a kite.I also bought a traditional Chinese dress for myself to wear at our Chinese New Year celebrations. I won’t tell you what size I where in Chinese sizes, too humiliating!

The movies we bought play in Chinese or English. Tommy put Cinderella on in Chinese this afternoon for Suhui. She loved it! She giggled and giggled!

We all four went shopping which we should have known was a mistake, but I think we all needed to get out. In the shops, the sales clerks are terrible about handing the children toys. Of course, with Suhui this leads to disaster. Tommy and I had to both pry her arms away from one of the kites. Amazing she didn’t destroy it.

Tommy had an interesting conversation with the sales lady. The sales lady kept trying to hand her things, and Tommy kept saying, “No, don’t give her that.”

Sales lady: “Just let her have it.”

Tommy: “No, she has to learn that she can’t have everything that she wants.” (And she wants everything she sees!)

Sales lady: “Maybe it is different in your culture.”

Tommy: “In your culture, do you let children have everything they want?”

Sales lady: “In my culture, children are very spoiled.”

Then she tried to give Suhui a cupcake since she was crying. Tommy said, “Don’t give her that. You are rewarding her for throwing a fit.”

Erica and I were discussing this later. She reminded me that since they only have one child they are frequently spoiled, especially the boys.

We spent some time playing in the playroom with the Hammond children. Suhui is actually quite sweet with Youyou sharing her toys with her and feeding her Cheerios.

Last night we went to the Italian restaurant with Erica’s mom, Aaron’s parents, and Carter. It was very good, and Suhui acted relatively good.

She is about to drive me nuts having to go to the bathroom everywhere we go. I think maybe we are letting her drink too much. If you have ever been to China, you know that public restrooms are not a place you want to spend much time. 🙂 The bathroom in the Italian restaurant was a very clean, nice-smelling, American-style bathroom. I was thanking God for small blessings!

While we were getting ready for bed, Caleb looked out in the hall (I think hoping that Carter and Jackson would come out to play). He saw the Millers, our friends from the flight here! We went out to visit with them a few minutes. Their Owen is adorable! He is a BIG guy with a precious chubby round face! They apparently have had a rough time of it and were grateful to be in Guangzhou. We also met a couple from Wyoming, Sally and Chris(I think?) and their sweet little guy, Levi.

I asked The Millers if they froze in Beijing. Sally piped up, “We are from Wyoming. I brought plenty of warm clothes to wear, but I have never been so cold in my life!”

We look forward to visiting with them more at breakfast this morning. I told them they could find us because we would be the ones with the child who is yelling and burping loudly! (She burped loudly at our waittress when she came to our table yesterday morning. We are trying to ignore this behavior, but so far it is not helping any.)

Oh, I almost forgot (maybe I will forget all of the bad stuff)! We had a full-blown tantrum this afternoon before shopping. Suhui refused to get in her stroller even after I explained to her that we were going to the store in Chinese and English(she repeated me and seemed to understand). Of course, we were not about to go to the store with her NOT in a stroller. So we went back in the room and put her on the bed. She screamed until she began to calm down. Then Tommy kept telling her that we couldn’t go until she got in the stroller pointing to it. After refusing for a while, she finally agreed.

My mom suggested that we make the blog into a book to have for the future. I think that is a good idea, but we will have to explain to Rachel how rotten 🙂 she was when we first got her. Then I started thinking about how rotten we all are before God captures our hearts. Then he slowly transforms us into the beautiful creatures that we were meant to be. Hopefully, it will be the same with Rachel. Tommy and I get to be God’s tools to begin the transformation until He captures Rachel Suhui’s heart.

I also have thought alot about the fact that God planned for Rachel to be a part of our family. I believe that He chose her for us because He knew that she needed us and we needed her. We can’t see all of the reasons we were meant for each other now, but someday we will hopefully be able to see how God’s plan has unfolded. Papa, give us strength for the journey!

We are headed to the zoo today! It should be fun! Need to try to get a couple more hours of sleep before then!

Love to you all! Especially to you, Eli and Titus! We can’t wait to see you! Only four more days! Caleb has so much to tell you about. Titus, I hope you didn’t wear Granny out this weekend. Be good for Aunt Angie, and we will see you in a few days.

Photos of Suhui and Youyou

Sharing Cheerios in playroom

Suhui feeding Youyou a Cheerio

Rachel Suhui in her dress from Aunt Sandy

Clara Weiyou Hammond

Youyou and Suhui playing together




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5 responses to “Four Days Til Home!

  1. Sarah

    That picture of Rachel feeding Clara Cheerios is precious!

  2. I am so glad that Caleb is feeling better and has playmates. I got back from my sales meeting this afternoon and called Mother and updated her on all the adventures and challenges. She was as horrified over the chicken head story as you were! She has faith that Rachel will have much better behavior once she has time to adjust since you two are such wonderful parents. She is anxious for you to be home safe and sound. (Me too!)

  3. Im so happy that everyone is feeling much better. The pictures of Rachel feeding Clara is just heart-melting! Im hoping you are enjoying the wonderful weather and all the beautiful island. WE loved the Italian place also.
    Please tell the Miller family hello. Their son and Lia (Rong Rong) were best friends. Just a few more days and you will be home. Praying for the rest of your trip.

  4. Melisa R

    Thanks so much for posting all the cute pictures of the Hammond Crew. I love reading your posts after I read Erica’s. It is great to hear another perspective of what is going on and to get additional details of their day.

    I continue to pray for your family daily.

    Melisa (Erica’s Sister)

  5. Linda/Robert

    It seems that things are getting some better. You don’t seem to be feeling bad about being a parent(hugs and disapline go together). You know the Saturday morning after Christmas I was not exactly ready for Celia’s hugs. You are going to have those days! It seems that being home will help. In China they know you (being an American) will spend. Since you have a young Asian child, they know that you have just adopted, so they are taking full advantage. Hang in there.

    Tell Caleb we are keeping a close count of the days also.

    Love to all, Linda

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