It’s been one week!

I am sure Kim will wake up in the middle of the night and post about today as well.  But I will give you my 2 cents while I am waiting on photos to upload so that I can charge batteries for tomorrow and play at making another “video”.

This morning we and the Hammond’s went to the Zoo.  We were driven around in a large golf cart kind of thing to see the whole layout then walked most of it again later.  As we were driving we would see an animal and Rachel Suhui would squeal and say in Chinese “Beautiful!”.   As we approached a lake with swans both black and white she yelled “OHHH little Chickens!!!”   The driver was very amused asking why in the world she would think they were little?  She loved the animals and we bought her and Caleb suffed tigers.  She spent much of the rest of the day trying to scare people with her tiger.

Rebecca told us that she thinks Suhui developmentaly is ahead of normal in terms of intellegence and also that she is VERY bossy.  We knew the bossy part!  She was bossing the driver today as well yelling GO!  She does get out of breath very easily and tires from walking very far.  Heaven help us when that is corrected!

We came back to the island for lunch and all went to Lucy’s which is very near the White Swan Hotel.  We went first into the White Swan to see the lobby.  It is MUCH nicer than here at the Victory, but from all accounts our rooms are much better and cheaper.  The walk between the two is only a minute or two.  Lucy’s is western food.  Suhui (hard to call her Rachel, because innocent lamb doesn’t seem yet to fit) showed a little of her button pushing or the Hammonds.  she started by throwing her plastic chair then later kept eating flowers that were falling off the trees.  Can’t really remember the rest of it.  Kim said the hamburger tasted strange and couldn’t eat it.  I guess the cheese covered mine.  It was REALLY nice to have sweet tea.

Kim went shopping after that while we played “DON’T SPIT IN BABA’S FACE” in the room.   Which is followed by how many kisses can I give you.  Apparently pretty classic behavior to see what it takes to make you explode. We are learning when it gets too much to get away if you can, go in the bathroom / let her cry.  At least that is what I think I am learning.  I asked Kim if she for some unknown reason might have prayed for patience and this was our way of learning it. 😉

We ate Ti food tonight (how do you spell that? any way it was good but Caleb had Subway…I think he made the better choice.

I just realized as I was putting some pictures into a set on Flikr that it has been a week.  We have had this tasmanian devil of a little girl in our lives for a week now!   Despite all the challenges I can honestly say it doesn’t seem that long.  A week ago she ran arround a table and changed our lives forever.

Eli and Titus…I miss you both so much!  I will not be too much longer now until we are home.   Caleb misses you guys and Molly too.  Tomorrow we go to a toy market in the morning!  And I think (unless my days are mixed up) we will talk to you guys on Skype in our morning your afternoon.

Now a few pictures from the day.

Arron asks “How much do I have to pay for you to take this snake off my son?”

Caleb chose to take his picture with the exotic Dalmation.

Suhui dragging her feet in the stroller…a little trick she likes to do

I love my tiger.

The gang eating at Lucy’s


new PJ’s and ready for bed!

I got a Sword!



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5 responses to “It’s been one week!

  1. Tommy,

    I was awake in the middle of the night thinking about how tough it is to deal with this many behavior issues. I thought about the show – Super Nanny and how the Nanny has taught the parents to deal with some horrible behavior. (don’t know why I would watch this – but I have!) You’ve probably seen the show but if not, Suhui will have to be introduced to the time-out chair soon!!! One of the other things that they stress on the show is to get down on their level and look them in the eyes and very sternly let them know that their “behavior” is unacceptable. You take them back imediately to the time out chair or back to bed if they aren’t staying in bed over and over. Let them cry it out. And they must apologize for their behavior. You may want to check out how you say behavior in Chinese. You are not telling them they are a bad person but that their behavior is unacceptable. Sounds like you have been on the right track with making her take her naps and not letting her crying influence you.
    The show also stresses not to let just one of the parents be the disciplinarian – both must correct her with the same consistent tactics.
    I know it will be very sweet for you to get home and see Titus and Eli. I am feeling very protective of sweet Titus right now. I know all of your lives will never be the same with this new addition to your family but I worry for Titus the most. You must work hard to give him the attention that sweet, magical child deserves. I know you are thinking that this is really something – getting all this advice from your big sister who has no children. But I do have lots of love for you, Kim and your wonderful boys.

  2. Renee

    What a sweet face from a little whirlwind! And Caleb, too! Love the last pic of him at the end of the post.

  3. Thai – that’s how you spell it. You knew I’d be the one to answer that!

  4. Linda/Robert

    Dearest Tommy, It is wonderful to hear things from your view(the Daddy view)!! You and Bobby may just come to understand each other better. You know our 4 daughters have him wrapped around their little fingers. They can bring him to his knees quicker than anything else. He shares a special individual bond with each of them. Right now things are hard for Bobby and I because his heart is being torn in so many directions. Please pray for us as we continue to pray for you. I love you, Tommy. You are a very dear bother to me. Thank you!! With hugs and kisses, Linda

  5. Christy

    Enjoying the pictures so much! Yet another scrapbooking project in the making! I dig those PJs too. I want some!

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