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Caleb has been fantastic with Rachel! He is extremely patient with her even though I know she must be frustrating to him. She stands right in front of the tv while he is watching. We move her and tell her that Gege can’t see. She goes right back. Sometimes she looks at him and laughs when she does it. Yesterday when we got back to the hotel after shopping, they both had to use the bathroom. She ran in the bathroom and shoved Caleb out of the way. Most brothers would have slugged her by now. 🙂

More commentary on the toilets: You adoptive families already know this, but many of the bathrooms here do not have toilet paper. They are not out of toilet paper. They just don’t have a place for toilet paper. They don’t intend to provide you with toilet paper. Are the European bathrooms like that as well? We have to carry toilet paper with us. I did find that you can buy small travel rolls in the States that fit in a purse.

Eli and Titus, there is a Mr. Bean cartoon on tv here. Caleb and Rachel are watching it.



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4 responses to “Quick Post

  1. Well, I can answer the toliet paper in Europe question. Yes, I have found it in every country I have visited in Europe. It is just usually very rough and made out of a much poorer quality of paper than we use in North America. The unusual thing about public restrooms in Europe is that they are often staffed by an attendant and you have to pay for using them, even in very nice restaurants. Once in Germany, I took what I thought was the right amount of money to give the matron, and she didn’t speak English but showed me that since I washed my hands also in addition to using the commode, I owed her twice as much! The other funny thing in Europe is seeing the wide variety of commodes or WCs as they call them and it can be a real trick to figure out how to flush them. Some are a pull chain, some are a button on the wall, some are a foot petal.
    Oh, I just thought of one experience in Paris about 4 years ago in a little tiny botique hotel. The rooms were tiny and the commode was in the shower! I called the front desk and complained that there was no toliet paper. The desk clerk explained in English that since the commode is in the shower – toliet paper would get wet so they suggest guests just rinse off after every use!

  2. Andrea

    Kim, it is funny, but you have been answering all sorts of questions I have been saving up for later. 🙂 Throughout your whole trip it has been amazing to to hear about some of the cultural differences that you have encountered. It is really a great reminder that we each have a unique perspective to this world, especially through the culture and traditions we become accustomed with.
    Separate topic though, you have such well behaved sons. Eli and Titus have been so eager for you guys to come home with Rachel. Caleb, like you mentioned, has seemed like such a trooper throughout your trip. You guys are such great parents and you really are doing a great job with Rachel.

  3. Linda/Robert

    Can you see me over there during the good ole days(when all 5 children were home)? Juan had this horrible look on her face yesterday when I told her about the napkins. Wait till I tell her about the TP! So there are multiple reasons for your excitment of reaching home!!

  4. dwsupplies

    Im from England and I can confirm that most public restrooms supply toilet paper. It is often the cheapest you can get (I know well sell the commercial toilet rolls) and can often “run out” so its always advisable to carry your own.

    I take it you havn’t been to Greece yet? Well their “plumbing” is a little behind the times. You cannot “flush” the toilet paper. Oh yes you read right you cannot put the toilet paper down the toilet. If you do they block up.

    You will find a little bin beside every toilet that is used to deposit all your toilet paper. And yes that is all used paper what ever its been used for.

    The “maids” then empty these bins daily. It takes some getting used to I can tell you.

    And the public toilets in France are just a hole in the ground. They have foot impressions around the hole so you can postion yourself correctly. And some of them are multi sex too which can be a little alarming!

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