just a few pictures

Kim is out shopping.  AGAIN!  😉 (retail therapy) Rachel is was napping. Kim wanted me to post a few pictures.  We went to a “toy market” today.  7+ story mall that looked like Oriental trading company exploded.

After lunch we took some pictures of Rachel Suhui and youyou in the park and also on the red couch.  Red couch pictures are a tradition in Chinese adoption.

Rachel and Clara


Clara Youyou (yo-yo)

Caleb was bribed.

Youyou decided to hug Suhui

a Nixon fan! (very common pose here)

Rachel poking head around column.

She is watchign some new year special on TV and singing along. Her volume goes up each chorus.

Tonight we go on a River cruise.


BTW her behavior seems to be noticably better today.  We had only one time that she HAD to stay in her stroller and wanted out and getting those new PJ’s off her this morning wasn’t easy, but she is learning.  Our guide says it is good that she greives out loud and shares what is on her heart instead of being withdrawn.  That she gets it out and soon is back to being happy.  That is a good perspective.



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4 responses to “just a few pictures

  1. Tommy, the photos that you just posted of Suhui and Yoyou are so beautiful! Red is her color. I am so glad to hear that her behavior is already getting better. From what I read (there are dozens of sites that deal with “Little Emperor Syndrome” all her behaviors and what they call a complete lack of manners (the burping, etc.) were all caused by the complete spoiling that has taken place since the one child rule. They say that the complete lack of social skills is due to the children literally having their every whim catered to – and no doubt her foster parents were probably even more indulgent than most. But it can and will get better. She will need to have opportunity (play days and school) to be able to be in the setting with enough children to make her want to stop competing for the undivided full time attention of an adult. In a group of just 2 or three children, most still try to be the Little Emperor unless they have learned how to be part of a larger group – when this new behavior becomes a habit – they will then use it at home with their siblings. She is a very, very lucky little girl to have you two as her wonderful parents.

  2. She seems to be blossoming as part of your family. She grows more and more beautiful. I know you can’t wait to get her home! (and you probably can’t wait to get YOU home either…)

  3. Sometimes it takes YEARS for attention craving girls to behave! I’m still working on it!

  4. Linda/Robert

    Tommy and Kim, sorry that I have not been responding in a timely manner the last couple of days. Robert got sick just before we went to Trey’s Grandfathers funeral on Friday. Sunday I came down with this same little bug. Monday Juan came down with it , and today (Tuesday) Celia called from school. This was also inauguration day. It has been hard to get away from the TV. The pictures are beautiful. Rachel Suhui is a doll. I can not wait to meet her. See you soon!! Linda

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