Photos from Yesterday

Some of my favorite photos from yesterday

Aaron, Youyou, and Erica

Caleb, Carter, and Jackson playing hackysack with some Chinese in the park

Rachel in what Tommy calls the “Nixon pose”

Youyou and Suhui

Suhui kissing Youyou’s hand

Suhui holding Youyou’s hand

Suhui smothering Youyou(I know how you feel Youyou!)

Suhui kissing Youyou

Youyou is thinking “Leave me alone!”


The girls being silly on the red couch

Before Caleb was bribed

And after

The river cruise last night was lots of fun! Guangzhou is beautiful lit up at night.

This morning Tommy and Aaron have to go to the Consulate to fill out a new piece of paperwork that they are requiring while the rest of us go to the Botannical Garden. Then we come back late morning to finish packing, check-out at 2pm, head to the US Consulate for the final ceremony and to pick up Suhui visa, then to the train station to begin our journey HOME! We take the train to HongKong, spend the night there, and leave on a flight for Newark at 11:30am (hopefully) Thursday morning. We will be on the same flight as Aaron and Erica’s family, so hopefully that will help make the 15 hours more bearable.

Please pray that our journey home will be smoother than our trip here. We only have 40 minutes in Atlanta to catch our flight to Columbus. INSANE!

I love Guangzhou, but I am rather tired of living in a hotel. AND I am missing my home and my boys!

Rebecca is the best guide ever! I am sorry for all of you families who do not get to have her!

Guangzhou shopping tip: Shop at Jordan’s! We met Jordan in the park near Lucy’s. He is extremely nice and is also a Christian. He gave us a flyer for his shop and offered to write Rachel’s new name in Chinese characters for free. He offers this to all adoptive families. Tommy and Caleb went to his shop 2 days ago to have that done. I only went yesterday and wish I had gone sooner! Unless you are a very aggressive person the sales clerks in the shops here will drive you nuts. Jordan’s sign says “No harrassment.” It was the most pleasant shopping experience I’ve had here. I regret that I did not seek out his shop sooner (compounded by the fact that I was ripped off by a pushy sales clerk an hour before 😦  ). He has a good selection of clothes, shoes, toys, and souveniers at very reasonable prices (with no haggling). His store is a little out of the way of the regular shops but well worth searching for. It is two blocks west of the Victory Hotel (at the least the part where we stayed) and 1 1/2 blocks north, the road across from the main entrance to the park where Lucy’s restaurant is. I think it is two blocks west of the White Swan also and 1/2 block south.



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4 responses to “Photos from Yesterday

  1. Can’t wait till you get back – are you ready to come home? Everything still on schedule?

  2. I’m so happy you soon will be returning home and uniting your expanded family. I will pray for your return journey to be problem free. Maybe you can even get some needed rest on the plane (I sound like Mama).
    I have some exciting developments taking place. It looks like I will most likely go to Washington on Feb. 3rd or 4th and be a member of a briefing panel for Congress on green jobs. It depends on what date our new President selects for his State of the Union address.

  3. Linda/Robert

    Caleb, How did you like playing with the Chinese kids in the park? I bet it was different. You will be home in 48 hours!!!!! Can you believe it? I can hardly wait!!!!!! From Robert

    I am as bad as Robert!! We are down to the hours around here. I have so missed all of you. Can hardly stand the anticipation!! Hugs and Kisses in the flesh soon. Linda

  4. I’m excited and a little nervous for Rachel to come to America. I know she’ll be homesick for a long time. At least she has a family and lots of friends who will love her through all the homesick times.

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