Hong Kong!

We are all asleep (except me) in Hong Kong.  Very nice hotel overlooking the Harbor.  Hong Kong is Beautiful at night and I actually wish we had more time here to see more of it.  Also wish we had a suite like this at the Victory (we were supposed to but for some reason couldn’t get one).

We get up early and head to the airport.  I plan on blogging about our travel plans at some time, but we have a very tight connection in Atlanta again!  Really stupid to plan that in my opinion Hopefully we will make it, and be home soon!



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6 responses to “Hong Kong!

  1. Praying for your safe arrival.

    Thanks to you and Kim for sharing your journey with us!

  2. I called Mother and let her know you made it to Hong Kong. She is anxious for you to arrive back safe and sound. Love, Susan

  3. Rochelle Hammond

    Hi, you don’t know me but I have been following your blog, via Aaron and Erica’s. I am Matthew’s wife, Aaron’s brother. I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing. I know it has been an adventure and it is so neat to see the process up close and personal, it’s almost like we are there too. I just wanted to say I hope you don’t mind but you have been such an inspiration and will continue to be for all who come after. Be blessed and know that God is doing wonderful things through you. Oh, and we love the pictures. It’s neat to see China through the eyes of an architect.

    Thanks again


  4. Melisa R

    I am so excited that you are heading home. I have really enjoyed reading about your journey. Rachel Suhui is so cute with YouYou. I hope that I can meet your family some time in the future. You are all on the prayer list of the Hammond Family and Friends. We will all pray for a safe trip and for you to have plenty of patience during the next 25 hours.

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

    Melisa (Erica’s sister)

  5. Hey Guys
    I know yall are so ready to get back home. We are praying for all of you to have a safe travel. I do hope we get together again at one of the Lifeline gatherings so our sweet daughters meet.
    Please keep in touch. We love you!


  6. Linda/Robert

    I talked to my international class at church tonight about Rachel Suhui. They were asking if you would bring her to our class one night. Right now there are 4 of them that are Chinese. One of them was baptised tonight. They are all very faithful in attendance and are hungry for the word. I though it might help Rachel Suhui to get to meet them. I did not know if you might be interested in using one of them when you need a little time away. I thought since they could speak her language it might help. Not pushing this on you, and I sure have not said anything to them. Tonight when I stepped into class I thought of what Tommy said about the smell of China. These girls are very clean, but they have a different distinct scent. Something about it I sort of like but yet I don’t. Kind of hard to explain. I can’t get Robert in the bed tonight. He is so excited about ya’ll coming home. He just got out of the shower here at 11:30p.m.!!!! saying it is only 20 more hours. If your plane is delayed, please let someone know!!! I am just as bad as he is. I can hardly wait!!! I love you all!! I hope your flight home is pleasant and uneventful. Hugs and kisses to all. Linda

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