Safe at Home

We are all safe at home and have had a restful day. Rachel has done very well today and I think a lot of our anxiety is down just by being home. We are still overwhelmed by all the people that met us at the airport. Thank you all.
Off to get Titus some chocolate milk!
Please remember us Monday as Rachel has an appointment with the cardiologist then.



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5 responses to “Safe at Home

  1. Tommy and Kim, I am so glad you are home. I’m sure it was a very sweet reunion with Titus and Eli. It’s wonderful that you have so many friends. We will pray for you and Rachel as you travel to Alabama on Monday.
    Let me know when things are normal enough for me to come for a visit.
    I will be traveling to Chicago tomorrow – Brrr and then to Washington on the 2nd for my partiicipation on the Congressional Briefing panel on the 3rd and my visits to Congressional offices on the 4th.
    Love, Susan

  2. Glad you’re home – keep us informed!

  3. Denise Terry

    Kim and Tommy, It was so good to meet you in Guangzhou. I know you must be to be home with your whole family together. I wish the best for you as you all become the family unit that God has planned from the beginning of time. God bless you all.

  4. I will be praying today.

  5. Christi

    I’m SO glad ya’ll are home!! What an incredible life story you are a part of. I will definitely be praying on Monday. Cardiologists can be a little scary, but pediatric ones (in my experience) are great. My heart goes out to Rachel but I am excited about the healing of her broken heart. God is SO good. I love you guys dearly.

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